{Tutorial} Waxing Furniture 101

I am absolutely head over heels for waxed furniture!… Wax is one of the easiest ways to achieve a beautiful finish without professional tools and equipment. As far as the different types of waxes… I prefer Fiddes Supreme Wax because it’s easy to apply, and it’s smooth like butter! Plus I love the multiple color options you can use for an aged look. This video, however was filmed before I had a chance to try Fiddes, so I used Annie Sloan. Annie Sloan is a wonderful product, but it’s pretty expensive and I like the texture of Fiddes more.

What you’ll need:

  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Brush (optional)
  • Clean lint free rag or t-shirt.

You can use wax over any kind of paint (latex, oil…)  but it really shines when applied over Chalk Paint. We use Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder with our Latex paint to create beautiful chalk paint in any color!



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  • Bonnie Dallas

    Thanks so much for your instructional video on applying wax. I am painting my kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and waxing with Fiddes wax. I am having trouble getting the wax applied evenly over the dark paint (just as you mentioned…)it looks streaky. Should I apply another coat of wax to try to even out the streaky areas? What is the best remedy? Obviously, I picked something way to big for my first project…. Also, have you ever buffed with a variable speed orbital buffer? All the rubbing is a bit much for my bad wrists. Thanks so much!

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Bonnie,

      Everything is more difficult on dark colors unfortunately, but in my opinion, wax is still the best solution. You will need a few coats. I’d say at least 3 to get an even sheen. Here is how I would tackle this. I would apply 3 coats of Fiddes light wax. Do not buff in between. Use a cloth to get any extra wax off, just don’t rub into the wax to the point where it starts to get shiny. (This is a little tricky with Fiddes because it buffs really easily.) Then after the 3rd coat has had a good chance to dry, (Usually 1/2 hour to an hour with Fiddes) start buffing. I hate buffing with a cloth. I use the Drill buffing brush that is sold with Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder. It attaches to your drill and you just work it across the surface just like a variable speed orbital buffer. (I personally have never use the orbital buffer – I think the drill attachment works just fine). This buffs up the sheen and makes it more consistent. You do need a good layer of wax through for it to work properly, so make sure to do at least 3 coats letting it dry fully in between each coat. Using this technique I was able to get the sheen on this sofa table: http://whitecottageboutique.com/black-pottery-barn-inspired-sofa-table/ to look nice and even.

      I hope this helps!


  • kvasquez18

    hi Kelsey! i am new to your blog and i am loving it! i had a question what is a good cheap waxing brush that you recommend using? like one that i can find at my local Home Depot or Lowes? should the bristles be soft or stiff? could you please explain? Thanks!

    • whit0958

      I am not aware of Home Depot or Lowe’s selling any kind of waxing brushes. You could try to use a regular paint brush if you wanted to, but I’m not sure it would help you any more than just using a rag. The waxing brushes have some what stiffer bristles that make it easier to work the wax into the cracks and crevices of a piece, but they are soft enough to not remove any paint in the process. They are also usually round, making them easier to work with because with wax you are sometimes swirling your brush around in circles. I don’t think using a regular paint brush would be ideal. You would be better off to just use a rag or clean cloth.

      Hope that helps!


  • jludovici

    I just refnished two dressers for my teenage daughter with chalk paint. I love the way they turned out, however, after waxing them both ( 1 coat of wax) I realized this will not offer the protection a dresser top may need. I have already noticed a few dinged up areas. Can/should I put a poly on the top to protect the piece? Also, the finish feels rough, what could I have done to prevent that? Any advice you can give would be helpful.

    Thanks, Jackie

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Jackie,

      When you say Chalk Paint, are you referring to a specific brand, or a home made DIY recipe? A lot of the DIY recipes (especially the non-sanded grout) leave small bits of dirt in your finish, making it rough to the touch afterwards. You can always sand that down with 400 grit sandpaper to get rid of the grittiness. I would recommend doing so, then adding another new coat of wax. Then buff the wax right as the sheen changes from glossy to hazy. Once your done with that, if you feel like you need more protection, you can add another coat of wax. But unfortunately you cannot put poly over the top of wax. You would need to repaint the entire thing, then put poly the poly on. Then you can put wax over the top of poly if desired.

  • Lori

    Can I. Glaze over builder grade kitchen n bathroom cabinets? What are the steps doing a glaze

    • admin

      Yes you can glaze over anything really. But if you’re not going to paint your cabinets first, you might have an issue with adhesion to the existing finish. We have a glazing tutorial on our website in the tutorials section.