Using the Galaxy Note to Stay Organized

Organizing my life seems to always be one of those things I’m constantly struggling for… but it’s always just out of reach. I am a writer for this blog, as well as a business owner. I currently am working on 4 different business as any one time – and that can be extremely overwhelming at times. (Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do). I am constantly looking for new tools or ways to stay on top of my ever growing to do list and calendar, but I always feel like I’m going to miss something.

Recently though, I found a new “toy” (I’m a total gadget head), that has really helped me to keep my personal, business and blog life organized. I’m not saying it’s perfect and that I don’t still feel like I’m missing something every once in a while, but it has made a huge difference in my productivity. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I want to show you how I use my Galaxy to stay on top of my blog, business and home life.

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There is one important feature that the Galaxy Note offers that the other tablets don’t offer, and for me this makes all the difference in me actually using the tablet on a day to day basis – and me just using it to play games when I’m bored. (I used to have an iPad that I pretty much only used for the latter). It’s the S Pen. Basically, I can write anything in my own handwriting on this tablet instead of using a keyboard. I use it to write articles and notes when I’m on the go. It basically has replaced any need for a calendar or notebook in my life.

I wanted to show you some of the applications I would recommend specifically for my fel bloggers.


This is a no brainer. But I wanted to mention it because if you have the Pinterest app installed, you can s anything on the device via Pinterest. I spend a lot of time looking at other websites that I love on my tablet when I’m bored… like right before bed, or when I’m waiting for someone. This is an ideal time for me to s things I love with my readers – and I can do this on my tablet via the Pinterest app.

Tutorial on Pinning thing via your Tablet (Android):

Step 1: In your browster, select the drop down menu item. It looks like 3 horizontal bars with an arrow in the bottom corner. On my device, it’s in the top right hand corner.


Once the drop down menu appears, select the s page option.


Step 2:It might take a moment to load, but you’ll get a pop up with all the different installed apps that will al you to s whatever is on the page. Select the Pinterest app, and a new pop up will appear with a list of photos from the page you are on.


Step 3: Select the photo you want to pin!


I use Feedly to fol other blogs that I love. It takes the RSS feed from the blogs you enter and compiles them into a magazine type layout. I also love this application because it coordinates well with another one I use called Sprout Social.


S Note

This is a big one. It’s a part of the operating system on the Galaxy Note Series (i.e. the Note 8, 10.1 and the Note III (cell phone)). It’s a note taking application that creates virtual notebooks on your tablet. The amazing thing about it is you can use the S Pen to either write in your own handwriting, or text.


I use evernote to keep track of my scheduled posts and the promotions I use on each post. I use a template that I just copy and paste for each post and it links between my phone, tablet and PC.


This is my favorite app! There are a lot of similar apps on the android market, but this one is by far my favorite. It als you to create tasks, schedule start and finish dates, and create projects and checklists. This is how I keep track of everything. I would be lost without it! I just enter in every task I have to do, then I go through each week and schedule the ones that I want to complete or think are important for that week. Plus, it’s extra rewarding to get to cross off the task when it’s done and see your list get that much smaller.


Sprout Social

This is my second favorite app. This is actually a desktop application that they have created a nice little Android app for. (I think they also have it for Apple). I use this program to schedule posts and keep up on my social media. It als me to s any information from my tablet (similar to the Pinterest App), in a post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This makes sharing things extremely streamlined for me as I can s anything at anytime from anywhere.


I also use email, Photoshop Touch, WordPress and Facebook apps on my tablet, but they are all very straight-forward. The apps above are specifically the ones I use to keep track of my blog/business and to make my life a little easier.

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