Recipe Box: How to Create Perfect Letters in Any Font

Hi there, I know, I missed my post yesterday. I completely d it! I spent all weekend working on this project (well, like 2 hours), I had everything ready… and I forgot to type it up. Anyways… I wanted to try out custom lettering on a recipe box that I have been wanting to make for a while. I saw this idea on Pinterest… unfortunately I forgot where, and decided to test it out. I don’t like stencils because they are difficult to work with and your limited on the fonts and words you can use. This technique is honestly great. All you need is word, some paper, a ballpoint pen, paint and tape. Easy peasy. Here’s how I created my Recipe Box.



  • Tape
  • Paint – I used Timothy Straw by Benin Moore (chalk paint mixture) for the base and I used White Linen (chalk paint mixture) for the letters.
  • Scissors
  • Computer with Microsoft Word – or any typing program
  • Printer
  • Recipe Box – I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $12 and it came with all the cute hardware around it.
  • Paper
  • Small Craft Paint Brush
  • 4×6″ Index cards
  • Color pack of scrapbooking paper

The last two supplies I used to create my recipe cards. I don’t have any pictures, but I basically glued the colored paper onto the back of the index cards and created a label for the recipe name. Then I hand wrote the recipes on the back and have a bunch of made ones left over. You could even laminate them for an even more finished effect.



  1.  Lightly sand the recipe box with either 320 or 400 grit sandpaper. Make sure all the edges are smooth.
  2. Paint the box with your base color. I used a paint sprayer to create an ultra smooth finish.
  3. Print out the letters you would like to use.
  4. Cut the paper until it fits nicely on your piece. Make sure to line up the center and that its even along the bottom and tape it in place. Taped Font
  5. Use a ball point pen to trace around the outsides of the letters. Press firmly so that it indents into the wood. It should look like this when you remove the paper. (You have to look closely at it to see the indents, but they are there, trust me.)Letter Indents
  6.  Using the smallest paint brush you can find, fill in the lines. The grooves in the wood create a little barrier to help you keep your lines straight. Painted Letters
  7. Once I was finished with the lettering, I coated the entire piece with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and reassembled the piece. How to Create Custom Letters in Any Font

I’ve thought about adding a few more details along the top. With this technique you’re really only limited to what you can print out. You could print out a cute floral design and put it on the top and use the same technique to paint that. Or a cute bird… The possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to those stupid expensive stencils.





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