CeCe Caldwell Stain Review

Have you seen CeCe Caldwell’s new line of Stains? They have 4 colors, and I kinda love them all. I wanted to try it out because I really like the idea of being able to do a stain and a top coat all in one step!

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurnitureI ended up deciding on the color Hickory for my first try. I think it’s a gorgeous color that works well with almost any color of paint – and since I like dual toned furniture, it seemed like a good fit.

The first project I tried it on was the Emily Set I showed you all last week.

The Emily Set {Before & After} by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #PinkPaintedFurniture #AntiqueDresser #LittleGirlFurniture

I also used the product on the James Set, which will be coming out tomorrow!

{Before & After} Meet James - #Fall Inspired Side Table by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #Before&After #PaintedFurniture #Orange

Overall, I liked using the product and will definitely use it again. I really want to try the dark grey color that they offer! But I did run into some snags along the way, so here are a few tips to help you apply the product and avoid my mistakes!

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

I first stripped the finish off the veneer and glued down any veneer that seemed to be lifting up. (On the James set, I just removed the veneer all together). Then I sanded it down very lightly with 220 grit sandpaper (working along the grain) to remove any residual finish and the majority of the dings and marks.

Once that was done, I cleaned her up and removed any dust. Then I started to apply the stain.

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

I ordered my stain from Dear Olympia, and I must say – they are excellent suppliers of CeCe Caldwell Products. If you’re going to purchase the product online, I highly recommend them. They even included a chip brush for me to use with the stain so I didn’t need to go out and get one.

I just slathered the stain on really thick, making sure to avoid any obvious strokes where possible and working with the grain again.

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

Then I used a microfiber rag to remove the excess stain. Microfiber works great because there is NO lint – meaning your finish will look perfectly lint free!

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

I did half the table first – applying the product, then removing the excess. This proved to be a mistake, because the area where I had overlapped on the second side shows a deeper color.

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

I know the mistake isn’t SUPER obvious, but it’s something that would absolutely bother me, especially with the amount of work I put into the rest of the set. So I stripped it down and started over, this time applying the product to the whole top – but working extremely quick to avoid the product drying by the time I wiped it off.

CeCe Caldwell Stain Review by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #Stain #Tips

This is the look I got after 2 coats of the product. You can use some steel wool in between each coat to knock back any raised grain. You can also buff up the sheen with the steel wool on the last coat as well – but I liked the way it looked without, so I skipped that step!

The product does get deeper with each coat, so you can keep applying the product to get a darker color, but I wouldn’t do more than 4 coats tops! I can’t wait to try some other colors!

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  • Deneen

    I actually met CeCe Caldwell last Saturday at a local stockist here in Canada and asked her about a piece I have been struggling with. Upon her suggestion I used Texas Tea and Hickory stain…. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!! I am just deciding on a finish as I want it very glossy. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!! Deneen

    • Kelsey Elaine

      That sounds beautiful! I personally mostly stick with wax at the moment, but if I wanted something shiny and durable I would go with either Shellac or Polyurethane. I have a tutorial on how to apply shellac and get a mirror like gloss finish – but it’s a lot of work. If you are okay with a semi gloss type look, I would just stick with polyurethane!

      • Deneen

        Thanks Kelsey!

  • http://mytonic.net Max Arthur

    Nice. Now the furniture looks really vintage.