{Before & After} White Washed Mint Dresser

Mint and White Washed Dresser Re-do | Vintage Storehouse & Co. | Painted Furniture Inspiration

I’m so excited to be sharing furniture make-overs with you again! It’s been a while. I recently refinished a dresser set with a beautiful minty color called Larchmere by Sherwin Williams. I love combining this color with a white washed effect because it’s vibrant enough that the white washing doesn’t wash out the entire color.  [Read more…]

New Furniture in the White Pearl Shop

Hey guys,  just wanted to check in and let you all know there are some new pieces in the White Pearl Shop. Also this week I will be adding a few more, and doing some tutorials on some crafts I have completed that I’ve been getting some questions about.


You can see the new finished pieces by going to the White Pearl Shop

You can see the new available for refinishing pieces by going here.


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Wallpaper Drawer Liners

I have been procrastinating on this post for a while now because I cannot find the picture that I took that shows what the inside of the drawers looked like before I ripped out the nasty dark brown felt that was in there before. As a side note – if you are every planning to rip felt liners out of a drawer prepare for a long process if they are glued down. These babies took me a full 8 hour day to get completely removed. You might be able to remove the felt with wallpaper remover easier than what I used… water and a sponge. If you find something that works – let me know!


Back to business – So I have no pictures for you to gawk at with me, but I do have pictures of how great it looks now! Take a gander…


I love the way this turned out. The barely noticeable damask design was perfect for what I was looking for. I ordered the wallpaper from Lowe’s. They have an awesome part of their store where you can just look through wallpaper books. I was actually bummed to find out the my local Home Depot no longer carries any wallpaper books. But the wallpaper at Lowe’s was 30% off and they ship it directly to your house. It cost me about $6.00 to wallpaper all drawers and the back of the White Hutch I bought this for. I did have to buy approx 55 sq feet of this stuff – but I’m sure I will find other uses around the house.

The wallpaper comes pre-glued. All you have to do is cut the paper to size, soak it in water for approx. 15 seconds and unroll it on to the desire surface. This was incredibly easy. I used a wet towel to smooth out the paper and I used my putty knife that I use to fill in scratches on the furniture to make sure all the bubbles were out. Then I let it dry for a few hours. After I glued on my paper, the drawers looked like this.



I liked the way they looked, but one thing was still bugging me – the edges of the paper weren’t perfectly straight. I wanted the drawers to look more seamless. In comes the new love of my decorating life. White Caulk. Since buying this small tube of caulking I have found a million uses for it.


I lined the drawers with the caulk. Took my finger along the cracks to smooth it out and quickly took a damp rag and wiped off all the excess. It made a huge difference in the final look of the drawer. If you need some more convincing take a look at the finished picture again.









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Before and After White Hutch


Hey guys, I wanted to show you a piece of furniture I just finished for my front living room project. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it because it’s completely different from what I was originally going to do with that room, but I love this piece and just couldn’t let it go. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pics for you to see because I was so excited to get started on it I didn’t even think about it before I had ripped the entire piece apart, so this is more of a “half way through and after” sort of post.


You can see what the piece looked like before I started painting. It needed a lot of TLC from all the dents and scratches.


Here is what it looked like after I was finished.


This is the same hardware that came with the furniture. I really liked the old rustic style of these hinges.


Inside of the Drawers

The inside of the drawers were lined with this awesome wallpaper that I found from Lowe’s.  My favorite part about refinishing furniture is the details. These drawers were originally lined with this gross brown felt.  It took me forever to rip that out, but I am so happy that I did. I love the wallpaper that I picked out. It wasn’t even expensive. I think I paid somewhere around $6.00 to line all drawers and the back of the hutch with it. Then I took caulk around all the edges to make it look very “finished”. I wrote another post to show you how to line your drawers with wallpaper under the attention to detail section of this site.










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