Wipe-On Poly Tips and Tricks

Wipe on poly is an awesome product to use to add a layer of protection to your painted furniture. It’s easy and fast to apply, easy to clean up, and relatively inexpensive. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to wipe on poly, so I’m here to s with you the tricks I’ve learned along the way to make your experience a little better. (Scroll down for a video tutorial demonstrating how to apply wipe on poly.)

Oil Based v. Water Based

Does it ever seem like this is a never ending question?

Wipe on PolyAs usual the issue with oil based is that it oils over time, and oil based wipe on poly is no exception… There are benefits to it though -it’s easier to apply than its water based counterpart because it stays wet much longer – also its a little bit cheaper and easier to get a hold of. So if you are going to be working on something that is painted a medium to dark color, or its stained or natural wood – use oil based.

Water Based Wipe On Poly

If your going to be working on a white or light-colored piece of furniture. Even some really light natural wood – use water based. It doesn’t yel over time, so your color will stay truer. (I say truer because just like wax, it darkens the color just a bit – so plan for that.) The problems with water-based wipe on poly are that chalk paint soaks it up like a sponge – so to get a clean smooth finish your going to want to dilute it with water. I use a 50: 50 ratio for water and wipe on poly. (You can also do this with oil based wipe on poly if you’re having streaking issues – just substitute the water for mineral spirits or lacquer thinner.) This solves the issue so that it stays wet long enough to work it in and avoid streaks – but you might find that you need to put on another coat to get the protection you’re looking for. The other problem with this stuff is that its only available in California…. wait what? Yes, this product is only distributed to stores in California. So if you want to purchase this product outside of California – you will need to do so online. I bought mine through amazon for about $17 including shipping for a pint. A pint goes a long way – Generally I can get 3 large pieces with one pint because I dilute it down.


Water based wipe on poly is a little bit harder to work with in the beginning and takes some practice, but its a good alternative to wax for light colors. (I still use wax by the way, just not when I’m glazing – find out why!)


Hope this information is helpful!





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{Before & After} My New Entertainment Center

I finally did it. I finished the entertainment center that’s been sitting in my garage since November. It was such a huge project… partially because of the glazing technique I used, but I did learn a lot about glazing while doing it. I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

After 1

This thing was much too large for me to move so my dad helped my husband move it into our garage, but we knew he wouldn’t be able to come back to take the top down, so I had to settle on having 2 separate shots for the before pictures. (Also the drawers were still in my car when I took the photo… I was too lazy to bring them in.)

Before 3Before 1Before 2


An awesome thing about this piece was that the cabinets underneath had interchangeable glass. I didn’t know this until I started taking it apart but I was so excited about it because I can put my cable box and my husbands toys underneath.

To finish the piece I used a dark stain from Rustoleum called Kona on the top of the bottom piece just to break up the white (White Linen from Benin Moore) color a bit. Then I used Annie Sloan Wax on all the painted parts and finished up the top with clear lacquer. After the wax had dried I glazed the entire thing with a dark chocolate-brown glaze that I mixed myself. Here’s my secret to glazing – if you apply the wax and let it dry, it gives you a smooth surface to apply the glaze. Then use a sponge soaked in mineral spirits, or baby wipes work good as well, when you’re removing the glaze. The wax als you to work with the glaze a little bit longer, but the mineral spirits remove almost all of the glaze where you wipe it off. This aled me to create a piece that was still white with just a tiny bit of distressing, instead of taking down the color of the whole piece like most glazes do.

TopGlaze DetailsLast thing… I replaced all the knobs with either pulls or new knobs!

New Hardware


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Elizabeth & Co. 

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Dresser Before and After

What’s better than one beautifully refinished dresser? Two of course! I just refinished these stunning dressers. I love them so much I actually ended up keeping one, but the other is listed for sale in the White Pearl Shop. I found both of these from an awesome family on KSL that was right around the corner from my house. It was such an easy thing. I went to get one dresser and ended up leaving with both. I kept the original hardware on both pieces because I thought they were so perfect, but just not the right color. So I spray painted them black with Rustoleum’s black satin metal spray paint and voila! Perfect!

Here’s dresser # 1 before the make-over. She had been left outside all summer and the top was really worn down and it had spider webs everywhere!

before 1before 2


You can somewhat see the second dresser behind this one, but unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures of the other one. Just imagine she was in a very similar state before the redo.

After 3This one was refinished in a classic white color on the bottom, with black hardware and a dark walnut stained top. She is currently listed for sale in the White Pearl Shop for $325After 1HardwareAfter 2

The second dresser that I picked up sort of last minute turned out amazing as well. I kept this one just because it was a bit larger and fit perfectly behind my couch.

Dresser 1Detailed Dresser 1Hardware 1


I love all the detail on these dressers with the carved out drawers and the middle cabinet. I wish I could find more like these!






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Making It All Fit…

I did it! I purchased the table set and I made it fit. It really wasn’t that difficult after all. Good thing I have a basement or I wouldn’t have been able to get it all in there. I have two dining sets that are in the works right now. I put all the chairs for both dining sets (12 chairs total) in my basement, removed the legs and leafs from the tables and voila! I was able to find enough room for it all and still have enough room to work. (One of the finished dressers is still in my hallway, but I think I can find room for it with a little more rearranging.

Look at this beautiful table I picked up!

There are a lot of similarities between this table and the rustic table that I refinished before. Love the chunky legs, the wavy ladder back chairs and the cute drawers in the table. I like that this one has a leaf that takes it from a 4 person table to a 6 person table, that way its a bit more versatile for smaller living areas.  I also love the knotty wood on the top of the table. It will look amazing once it is re-stained dark. I also like that this one has the captain’s chair. The arms are a little wobbly, so hopefully I will be able to keep them. I have some left over hardware from the previous rustic table that I plan to incorporate onto this table. I’m very excited!


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New Furniture in the White Pearl Shop

Finally, I have some new pieces online! I just added 2 newly refinished hutches to the White Pearl Shop. Take a look at how amazing they turned out.

This one was done with the Annie Sloan paint that I recently wrote a review on. I love the way it turned out. Wish I could keep it but my husband would kill me.

I actually refinished this Rustic Hutch about 2 months ago, and decided I wanted to keep it…. well it didn’t really fit where I wanted it to go, so after 2 months of my husband hounding me about selling it because it didn’t fit, I decided to list it. It has so many cute details that I love, the slats on the cabinets, the iron leaves at the top and the lining in the drawers…. take a look….


Both of these pieces are available in the White Pearl Shop. There you can find measurements and pricing if you are interested. Also check out my before and after portfolio to see the amazing transformations these pieces made. I also have a dresser and a desk currently listed for sale as well in the Shop.




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New Furniture in the White Pearl Shop

Hey guys,  just wanted to check in and let you all know there are some new pieces in the White Pearl Shop. Also this week I will be adding a few more, and doing some tutorials on some crafts I have completed that I’ve been getting some questions about.


You can see the new finished pieces by going to the White Pearl Shop

You can see the new available for refinishing pieces by going here.


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