{Before & After} Meet James – Fall Inspired Side Table

{Before & After} Meet James - #Fall Inspired Side Table by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #Before&After #PaintedFurniture #Orange

Remember this cute little side table/ cabinet I said with you last week? I was debating on what color to paint him because I wanted to do something inspired by fall, but I have a difficult time with the color orange and I tend to be drawn towards white and grey. Well I think I found a solution that worked out beautifully! [Read more…]

{Before & After} White Washed Mint Dresser

Mint and White Washed Dresser Re-do | Vintage Storehouse & Co. | Painted Furniture Inspiration

I’m so excited to be sharing furniture make-overs with you again! It’s been a while. I recently refinished a dresser set with a beautiful minty color called Larchmere by Sherwin Williams. I love combining this color with a white washed effect because it’s vibrant enough that the white washing doesn’t wash out the entire color.  [Read more…]

{Tutorial} How to Eliminate Brush Strokes on Painted Furniture

How to Eliminate Brush Strokes by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

When I first started painting furniture, the first issue I came across was the dreadful brush strokes. These things are my nemesis (well, that and laundry day). I got so frustrated when I was working on my first piece because the brush strokes were so bad, I felt like it looked cheap! So, I sanded it down, and tried another technique, then another brand of paint, then a roller instead of a brush, then ANOTHER technique. I think I repainted that first piece like 6 times until I finally bought a paint sprayer from Lowe’s for around $80. I read every tutorial online about painting furniture – nothing was working. The roller made it look “bumpy” which was only slightly better than the brush strokes. Floretrol didn’t seem to help at all. Sanding in between every coat seemed like way to much work – plus I would always sand way to far in some spots, so that it was like I didn’t put any paint on at all. I was SO FRUSTRATED. [Read more…]

Black and White Country Inspired Dining Set

I’m generally not a huge fan of Black and White Decor, but the balance on this set has me giddy. The brown top and distressed white mutes the contrast, which is what I love about it. It really reminds me of a cute country home. [Read more…]

{Before & After} Yellow and White Hutch

If you fol this blog, you might have seen a cute little yel vanity that I just finished in what I feel like is the perfect soft yel for furniture. I love this color. It’s called Banana Cream by Behr. I had a little left over from the vanity and decided that I would use it to accent my next project.

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{Before & After} Distressed Table Set

Rustic Distressed Table Set {Painted Furniture Before & After} by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

So, I really wanted to find a project that I could demonstrate the transformation that happens when you apply dark wax over light. It took me a while to find something that I wanted to look really aged, until my mom picked these up at a garage sale. They were perfect as they were not too complex, so working with the dark glaze wouldn’t take too long.

She got this set for like 10 bucks. The finish was all over the place, they were all beat up and someone had spilled some type of wax on the top of the sofa table. All around they were disgusting, but nothing a little stripper and paint couldn’t fix!

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{Before & After} White Glazed Bedroom Set

White Glazed Bedroom set by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

So I’ve been having so much fun with Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder (now Vintage Storehouse & Co. Chalky Paint Powder). The time I spend painting furniture has been drastically reduced. For example, this beautiful chest of drawers was completed start to finish in less than a day. (I did do some prep-work adding the legs and molding the day before, but it was painted and sealed all in one day). Everything just goes by so much faster when you’re not sanding or priming. (On my old DIY version of Chalk Paint, I would have to sand the entire piece after I painted it to get a smooth finish).

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New Furniture in the White Cottage Shop

New Furniture in the Shop

Is anybody else freaking out that its finally warm again?

This last weekend reminded me of how great it is to refinish furniture when its warm versus when its cold. If you painting in cold weather, the paint takes forever to dry, which can cause runs and streaks… its just a pain!… But the warm weather just makes everything so much easier and more pleasant!… [Read more…]