{Tutorial} How to Wax and Buff Furniture to a Beautiful Shine

I have a bit of a treat for you today! I haven’t put up any new posts this week because I’ve been working on providing a tutorial on how to wax furniture and get a consistent, even sheen on even dark colors such as black. I know a lot of you have struggled with this… I did too for a long time, but I’m going to show you what I would consider a fool-proof way to apply wax without any issues! It really is easier than you think.

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{Tutorial} Waxing Furniture 101

I am absolutely head over heels for waxed furniture!… Wax is one of the easiest ways to achieve a beautiful finish without professional tools and equipment. As far as the different types of waxes… I prefer Fiddes Supreme Wax because it’s easy to apply, and it’s smooth like butter! Plus I love the multiple color options you can use for an aged look. This video, however was filmed before I had a chance to try Fiddes, so I used Annie Sloan. Annie Sloan is a wonderful product, but it’s pretty expensive and I like the texture of Fiddes more.

What you’ll need:

  • Annie Sloan Clear Wax
  • Brush (optional)
  • Clean lint free rag or t-shirt.

You can use wax over any kind of paint (latex, oil…)  but it really shines when applied over Chalk Paint. We use Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder with our Latex paint to create beautiful chalk paint in any color!



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Oops… Dark Wax Tips and Tricks

I am the worst blogger in the world!… I was working on my Gentlemen’s Gray dresser and I got a request to do a custom piece and totally forgot to finish the dresser.  I had run into a problem earlier this week in regards to using dark wax. I really don’t like traditional glazing… for one, I struggle with it. I think I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist to handle glazing. I get really frustrated on long straight pieces like tall dressers or the tops of long dressers because you can see the lines if you don’t do it all in one stroke, but if you try to do it all at once it dries too quickly. Plus the mess is a nightmare. I go through entire rolls of toilet paper trying to glaze one piece. So when I heard about dark wax – specifically Annie Sloan dark wax I was very intrigued…


Hence my journey of learning began and I am here to give you some helpful tips and tricks I learned along the way. I had read online and also heard from my local stockist if you use clear wax first – then the dark wax it was much easier to work with. Also if you use dark wax first the paint soaks up the wax like a sponge and it’s much too dark. I didn’t clarify one tiny part of this little tip… how long to wait after applying the clear wax. So I watched a YouTube video of a girl using dark wax and she applies the clear wax, wipes it off just like normal, but immediately after applies the dark wax. So that’s what I did on my blue dresser. It worked out just fine until I got to the long edges of the dresser… Because the dark wax was drying really fast I wasn’t able to run it off very quickly so I did it in 3 sections. The problem was that once it dried it was very clear where the 3 sections were. They didn’t blend together very well.


So back to YouTube and blogging I went to find a solution to my predicament. I really wanted this to work as it was much less messy and easier than using glaze. Then I came across The Painted Lady’s Blog. She has great tips in regards to using clear wax, and some even better tips with dark wax. First of all I learned that you need to let the clear wax dry completely before dipping into the dark wax. It looks much better, its much easier to work with and it actually sticks in the cracks a lot better to give it that aged look. Second I learned that you can actually create a glaze out of dark wax. Wait WHAT!? Isn’t that exactly what I hate doing? NO! It’s totally different.

How to Create a Wax Glaze

It’s very simple really. Just scoop out a glob of dark wax with a plastic spoon into a plastic cup. Add the same amount of mineral spirits to the wax. Mix very well. Use your handy-dandy waxing brush just like normal and paint it on. Soooo Easy. Then grab a cloth or whatever you use to wipe off the excess and let it dry. I wiped it all off in the same direction but because it stays wet for much longer you can really work with it to get the desired look. I find that it adds a much lighter glaze than just applying the dark wax directly and it worked perfectly for the sides of my blue dresser!

You can see how beautiful the glaze looks and how it accentuates all the little cracks and dings. Also it tones down the color a little bit to make it not as bright.

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