{DIY Christmas Stockings} How to Assemble Your Christmas Stockings {Part 2}

DIY Knitting Fur Christmas Stockings by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

This is the second part of our DIY Christmas Stockings series. We’ve already covered how to make your own knitted fabric for the stockings based off of an afghan knitting pattern in our last post. (You could also fol along with us using an old blanket or sweater you have lying around). Todays video tutorial will go over how to assemble and sew together the stockings. We used the knitted fabric for just the front, and just used some matching scrap fabric I had on hand for the back. I also got some lining fabric from Hobby Lobby to hold together the knitting as well as make it so it’s not completely see through on the lace parts.

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{DIY Christmas Stockings} How to Knit Your Own Christmas Stockings {Part 1}

DIY Knitting Fur Christmas Stockings by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

This post is going to be a two part series on how I created these cute little Christmas stockings! I know it’s super late, but the project took me longer than I anticipated to complete – but I couldn’t wait all the way until next Christmas to s them with you all!  The bottoms of the stockings were knit off a blanket pattern I downloaded from KnitPicks.com. Then I purchased some faux fur fabric for the cuff around the tops and used some lace ribbon to hang them. It’s the first full projects I’ve finished on my beloved Kiss Loom.  [Read more…]