{Before & After} White Washed Mint Dresser

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I’m so excited to be sharing furniture make-overs with you again! It’s been a while. I recently refinished a dresser set with a beautiful minty color called Larchmere by Sherwin Williams. I love combining this color with a white washed effect because it’s vibrant enough that the white washing doesn’t wash out the entire color.  [Read more…]

Dresser Before and After

What’s better than one beautifully refinished dresser? Two of course! I just refinished these stunning dressers. I love them so much I actually ended up keeping one, but the other is listed for sale in the White Pearl Shop. I found both of these from an awesome family on KSL that was right around the corner from my house. It was such an easy thing. I went to get one dresser and ended up leaving with both. I kept the original hardware on both pieces because I thought they were so perfect, but just not the right color. So I spray painted them black with Rustoleum’s black satin metal spray paint and voila! Perfect!

Here’s dresser # 1 before the make-over. She had been left outside all summer and the top was really worn down and it had spider webs everywhere!

before 1before 2


You can somewhat see the second dresser behind this one, but unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures of the other one. Just imagine she was in a very similar state before the redo.

After 3This one was refinished in a classic white color on the bottom, with black hardware and a dark walnut stained top. She is currently listed for sale in the White Pearl Shop for $325After 1HardwareAfter 2

The second dresser that I picked up sort of last minute turned out amazing as well. I kept this one just because it was a bit larger and fit perfectly behind my couch.

Dresser 1Detailed Dresser 1Hardware 1


I love all the detail on these dressers with the carved out drawers and the middle cabinet. I wish I could find more like these!






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Before and After White Hutch


Hey guys, I wanted to show you a piece of furniture I just finished for my front living room project. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it because it’s completely different from what I was originally going to do with that room, but I love this piece and just couldn’t let it go. Unfortunately I don’t have any before pics for you to see because I was so excited to get started on it I didn’t even think about it before I had ripped the entire piece apart, so this is more of a “half way through and after” sort of post.


You can see what the piece looked like before I started painting. It needed a lot of TLC from all the dents and scratches.


Here is what it looked like after I was finished.


This is the same hardware that came with the furniture. I really liked the old rustic style of these hinges.


Inside of the Drawers

The inside of the drawers were lined with this awesome wallpaper that I found from Lowe’s.  My favorite part about refinishing furniture is the details. These drawers were originally lined with this gross brown felt.  It took me forever to rip that out, but I am so happy that I did. I love the wallpaper that I picked out. It wasn’t even expensive. I think I paid somewhere around $6.00 to line all drawers and the back of the hutch with it. Then I took caulk around all the edges to make it look very “finished”. I wrote another post to show you how to line your drawers with wallpaper under the attention to detail section of this site.










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