Triple D Farm Workshop Photography Trip

Hi there, you might be wondering where I’ve been for the last few weeks… or you might not… 🙂 either way, I haven’t had a chance to post much on the blog the last few weeks because partially because of the Christmas Holiday, but also because shortly after Christmas I went up to Kalispell, MT for a Photography Workshop hosted by the oh so awesome Jeff Wendorff.

I love photography, and I have always had an interest in Wildlife Photography, but haven’t had much opportunity to work on it. Living in Utah means that I have gorgeous landscapes all around me, and plenty of opportunity to photography wildlife, but most of the wildlife locally is pretty skittish and difficult to get great photos from – meaning I have a lot of side and rear end shots. Well, last summer I decided to get more involved in Wildlife Photography specifically. I decided the best way to do so would be to choose a specific animal to learn about, track and photograph each year. This year I chose the fox because of these gorgeous photos done by Roeselien Raimond I discovered on 500px.

Tiger in Winter by Vintage Storehouse #TripleD #VintageStorehouse #Wildlife #Tiger

Let me just say I am completely, 100% jealous that she lives in an area where she can regularly go out and photography these beautiful creatures! I think I will be moving over there shortly! 🙂 In my attempt to photograph these lovely creatures, I’ve learned a variety of interesting things about them, mainly they are extremely difficult to find! My effort to photograph foxes eventually led me to Jeff Wendorffs photography site, and eventually to Triple D. 

Silver Fox in Snow by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #VintageStorehouse #Snow #SilverFox #Wildlife

I ended up signing up for the Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop, largely because I wanted to take a photo of a fox in the winter and they had multiple species of foxes that were on my list. It was an opportunity to knock out a Silver Fox, an Arctic Fox and a Red Fox all in one week! At first I was very hesitant to participate in this class, which is why I want to assure anyone who might be looking to go that it is worth every penny! Kalispell is within driving distance for me, making it a bit of an easier trip than it would be for most – but even if it was a half way across the world I would still go back there for every class if I could afford it. I don’t think it would ever get old for me.

Mountain Lion Cub by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #VintageStorehouse #MntLion #Wildlife #TripleD

I think the most common question I’ve been asked about this trip is how close I was to the actual animals. Let me just say I don’t know of another place where you could get this close to wildlife without putting yourself in an unimaginable amount of danger. I never needed anything longer than a 200mm lens, and most of my photographs were taken in the 100-120mm range. The large animals would have a small fence in front of you for your protection, and there were times when the fence would get in the way of the shot I wanted – but for the most part it’s pretty unobtrusive. It’s nothing like going to the zoo. 🙂 When photographing the small animals you would be in a pretty large fenced off area with them.  Obviously they are wild animals, so they cover general safety guidelines so that there are no issues while your in there.

Coyote Howling by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #TripleD #Wildlife #Photography

The second most common question(s) that I get about the trip is about how the animals are treated. It was fascinating to watch them interact with the animals. You could tell that they have a deeply personal relationship with & respect for every animal in there, which I think speaks volumes about their company.

Lastly, working with Jeff Wendorff was a pleasure. He was extremely helpful and knowledgable about a variety of camera brands, lenses and bodies. I will absolutely be taking another one of his Workshops at the Triple D again!

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