What If I Fall Printable & Signazon Review

A little while ago on Pinterest I fell in love with a quote by Emily Hansen – “What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” It’s part of a poem she wrote that is nothing short of inspiring! I’ve been looking to do something with that quote for a while, but I was coming up short for ideas.

So when a company called Signazon contacted me about doing a review of their canvas, the quote instantly came to mind. So I created a graphic, and ordered my canvas on Signazon’s website. Ordering through their website was super easy and it only took me a few minutes.


I created this graphic for a 16 x 20 sign, but you could shrink it down to a smaller size if you need to.

What if You Fly Printable Graphic by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #VintageStorehouse #Printable #Graphic #Free

Download the Printable.

Once my sign arrived I couldn’t wait to open it. 🙂 The canvas was of great quality and it felt more sturdy than other canvas prints I’ve had in the past. It must have something to do with the way they mount the canvas. Obviously, you don’t have to get the sign printed, you could just print it on regular paper frame it, but I think the canvas gives it a little bit more of a finished and professional look. Overall, I love it!

[Signature Snippet]

[Link Party Snippet]

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  • Luann

    Hey, Kelsey, you might want to proofread your “What If I Fall” post….
    BTW, love what you do with paint!

  • Karen

    Kelsey, love your website. Luann, why make a negative comment, please just show the positive! The paint comment would suffice.