{Tutorial} Loom Knitting 101: How to Knit Basic Cables {Part 11 of 12}

The most difficult challenge for the beginner in loom knitting is definitely learning to create cables. There are hundreds of techniques on how to create cables on the loom, and you’ll find that it tends to vary with the size of the needle and the loom that you’re using. That being said, I have found a technique for creating cables that works well across all types of looms and als you to create very large cables without over stretching your yarn, or bending your loom.

How to Knit Cables on the Loom #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #LoomKnitting

I made what I refer to as cable stitch holders using jewelry making supplies. If you want to see how I created these holders and the markers I use, I’ve created a simple step-by-step tutorial with links to where you can purchase similar supplies here. If you already know how to create jewelry, you probably get the gist of it just by looking at them. They’re extremely simple & easy to make! I find they are much easier to use than a cable needle or using the pins (if you’re working on a kiss loom), because it als the yarn to stretch out in the row your working on, before immediately being knit off. This means you need less slack and you stretch your knitting out a lot less.


Knitting Loom: Regular Gauge Kiss Loom {with 1 r in between the pins & the pegs} – We are working with just one side of the regular gauge modular loom.

Knitting Tools: We are using the knitting tool that comes with the kiss looms, but the tool that comes with your loom usually works best!

Ball of Yarn: We are using the Manos Del Uruguay Maxima Worsted Weight 100% Merino Wool in the color “Chamomille”

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