Day 1: How to Knit the Rippled Diamonds Stitch {31 Days of Knitting}

Woo hoo! Are you excited? I sure am! Today is the beginning of our August 31 Days of Knitting Series. Basically every 6 months I do a 31 Days of Knitting Challenge where I bring to you tutorial videos, stitch instructions and charts on 31 new stitches for the loom. This is the second series that we’ve done and I can’t tell you how much fun it is to discover new stitches, experiment with new techniques and then get to share it all with you!

For the first stitch in this series, I chose the Rippled Diamonds Stitch. This is basically a diamond cable with moss stitch in the middle. It creates a very interesting detail for any project!

How to Knit the Rippled Diamonds Stitch on the Loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.




Knitting Loom: Regular Gauge Kiss Loom {with 1 spacer in between the pins & the pegs} – We are working with just one side of the regular gauge modular loom.

Knitting Tools: We are using the knitting tool that comes with the kiss looms, but the tool that comes with your loom usually works best!

Ball of Yarn: We are using Tosh Chunky 100% Merino Wool by Madeline Tosh in the color “Poprocks”


How to Knit the Rippled Diamonds Stitch on the Loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

  • Worked over a panel of 11 stitches on a background of reverse stockinette stitch
  • Row 1: P3, T2B, K1, T2F, P3
  • Row 2: P3, K1, [P1, K1] twice, P3
  • Row 3: P2, T2B, K1, P1, K1, T2F, P2
  • Row 4: P2, K1, [P1, K1] 3 times, P2
  • Row 5: P1, T2B, K1, [P1, K1] twice, T2F, P1
  • Row 6: P1, [K1, P1] 5 times
  • Row 7: T2B, K1, [P1, K1] 3 times, T2F
  • Row 8: K1, [P1, K1] 5 times
  • Row 9: T2F, P1, [K1, P1] 3 times, T2B
  • Row 10: Repeat Row 6
  • Row 11: P1, T2F, P1, [K1, P1] twice, T2B, P1
  • Row 12: Repeat Row 4
  • Row 13: P2, T2F, P1, K1, P1, T2B, P2
  • Row 14: Repeat Row 2
  • Row 15: P3, T2F, P1, T2B, P3
  • Row 16: P4, K1, P1, K1, P4
  • Row 17: P4, T3RP, P4
  • Row 18: Repeat Row 16

Repeat Rows 1-18 until you’ve reach your desired length.

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  • Raelyn

    What does “on a background of stockinette” mean? I’m so, excited the new 31 day series has started! Ever since I heard you were starting today, I’ve checked the website everyday. Just incase you decided to start the series early. I can’t wait to see what other stitches you’ll share with us.

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Raelyn, there was a typo on the pattern, it was actually meant to say “Reverse stockinette stitch” and has been corrected…

      Stockinette Stitch is just row after row of knit stitch. So say you want to create a scarf with this cable running up the middle, and you want your scarf to be 41 stitches wide. This stitch will be worked over 11 stitches – leaving you with 30 stitches to use as a “background”. To make it simple you would use a reverse stockinette stitch pattern for those 30 stitches. Reverse stockinette is the opposite of the stockinette stitch – so it’s just row after row of purling.

      Most cables are worked over a background of reverse stockinette stitch because it makes the cable stand out from the rest of the work. Usually you’ll have at least 2-3 stitches on each side of the cable for this background, but it can be any number you want that works with your pattern.

      Reverse Stockinette Stitch : Row after row of purl stitches
      Stockientte Stitch: Row after row of knit stitches.

      I hope that clears up any questions you might have. Let me know if it’s still unclear.

  • Raelyn

    I noticed a misprint in row 17 of the printed pattern. It should be “P4, T3RP, P4.” But you’ve written “P4, T2RP, P4.” I just wanted to bring it to your attention. As this mistake could confuse people.

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Thanks Raelyn, It’s been updated.

    • Kelsey @ Vintage Storehouse &

      Thanks Raelyn, It’s been updated.

  • michaelmybeloved

    To say I’m excited is an understatement!