Loom Knitting Stitchionary: Basic Decreases {PSSO, SSK & K2TOG}

Even though I wouldn’t consider these stitches a part of the basics for loom knitting, I still thought they were important stitches to know before we start our 31 days of knitting series on March 1st!  This is a two part video series in which we will cover 3 common decreases & 3 common increases you might run across in your knitting. The 3 decreases included in the first video are Passing a Stitch Over (PSO/PSSO), Slip Slip Knit (SSK) & Knit 2 Together (K2Tog). The 3 increases we cover in the second video are a simple Yarn Over (YO) and two versions of Knitting Into the Same Loop (KFB – Knit into the front and back of a loop & P1,K1,P1 into the same loop) They are all very easy stitches to get a hang of and simple to replicate on the loom!

Basic Decreases on the Loom

{PSSO, SSK & K2Tog}

How to Knit Basic Decreases (including SSK, K2Tog & PSSO)  on the Loom #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #LoomKnitting

The SSK creates a left slanting decrease in your work, while the K2Tog decrease slants to the right. I find that the PSSO decrease usually is foled up with a yarn over increase, which is why I usually don’t both slipping my stitches over. But your pattern might use it in a different way!

Basic Increases on the Loom

{YO, KFB and P1,K1,P1 into the same loop}

How to Knit Basic Increases (including YO, KFB and P1,K1,P1 into same loop) on the Loom #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #LoomKnitting

Knitting into the same loop can be done in a variety of different ways, and usually your pattern will detail exactly how they want you to do it. But the video should give you a pretty good idea on how to create any combination of stitches into the same loop. There is one other increase that is quite common that I did not include in the video, and that’s the Make 1 increase. It’s really a pretty simple increase, and to be honest I completely forgot to include it in this video. But I will make a separate video shortly on how to create the Make 1 increase as well. We will also be doing a fol up video with more information on how to create a bobble.

I hope your enjoying this mini series on loom knitting! I’m excited to start our 31 days of knitting series on March 1st. I also have a few fun projects to s with you before then!

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