Day 31: How to Knit the Smocking Stitch {31 Days of Knitting Series}

It’s Day 31 of our 31 Days of Knitting Series! Can you believe it’s the last day in the series? It was a TON of work to come up with 31 videos, but I think it was really fun, and we will definitely be doing another series later this year. So, if you have a stitch that you’ve been dying to learn how to do on the loom, but just can’t figure it out yourself, leave a comment be with the name of the stitch and we will try to squeeze it in our next series! Oh, and todays stitch is called the Smocking Stitch.

How to Knit the Smocking Stitch for the Loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.



Knitting Loom: Regular Gauge Kiss Loom {with 1 r in between the pins & the pegs} – We are working with just one side of the regular gauge modular loom.

Knitting Tools: We are using the knitting tool that comes with the kiss looms, but the tool that comes with your loom usually works best!

Ball of Yarn: We are using Tosh Chunky 100% Merino Wool by Madeline Tosh in the color “Posy”


Smocking Stitch Chart by Vintage Storehouse & Co #LoomKnitting

  • Cast on in Multiples of 8 + 7
  • Row 1: P1, K1, *P3, K1; Repeat from * to last stitch, P1
  • Row 2: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 3: P1, Smock 5, *P3, Smock 5; Repeat from * to last stitch, P1
  • Row 4: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 5: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 6: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 7: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 8: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 9: P1, K1, P3, *Smock 5, P3; Repeat from * to last 2 stitches, K1, P1
  • Row 10: Repeat Row 1
  • Row : Repeat Row 1
  • Row 12: Repeat Row 1
  • Repeat rows 1-12 until you’ve reaches your desired length.

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  • Veronica

    So I noticed a lot of slang or abbreviation terms in your ‘written’ pattern but don’t see where they are explained. Perhaps you can help?

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Veronica,

      I have been meaning to get an abbreviations list up on the blog, since I’ve had multiple people ask me about those. I should have them up soon. But for now, there is an abbreviations list for each individual pattern within the first 30 seconds of each video.

      Thanks for watching!

  • sandy

    where is the code’s that you said was in the blog…I have looked and looked and it is not there to chart a loom pattern…

  • sandy

    please help me. I want the code’s you use when you were showing us how to make the row…and columns with the graph paper….you talked about this is what I use to code this …and if you want codes you will find them our blog…well I looked and I could not find them…is it a over sight…you though there were there and their not…or are they some where else…mistakenly?

    • Kelsey @ Vintage Storehouse &

      Hi Sandy, I’m so sorry for the delay in posting the codes. I know it’s been a while since I did the original 31 days of knitting series and I had full intentions of getting the code posted immediately – but I completely forgot! 🙁 I will have the codes posted before my next 31 days of knitting series in August. I’ll also have all the charts updated for the previous stitches! Thanks for reminding me!

  • michaelmybeloved

    I’ve got several stitch patterns I’d love to see in upcoming stitch series’:

    I’ve got a book called 400 knitting stitches from Potter Craft. I’m using the names found in that book. Don’t know if the names are universal.

    1. Seersucker
    2. Large Wicker Pattern
    3. Celtic Plait (LOVE THIS!)
    4. Broderie Anglaise
    5. Reversible Layette Stitch
    6. Tile Stitch (which looks NOTHING like Tile, IMO)
    7. Lacy Diagonal (to left or right)
    8. Raised Lacy Diamonds
    9. Alternating Diagonal Openwork
    10. Triple Stitch on Reverse Stocking Stitch
    11. Entrelac/Diagonal Basketweave (esp with color changes) – THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!

    Any of these would be fantastic but especially No. 3 or 11.

    • Kelsey @ Vintage Storehouse &

      Thanks! I’ll have to check out that book and see if I can incorporate any of those stitches into my next series! FYI the Entrelac Stitch will be done in this series as well as a wicker pattern. I’m not sure if it will be the exact same as that in your book, but it should be pretty similar!