Day 23: How to Knit the Woven Basket Stitch {31 Days of Knitting Series}

It’s Day 23 of our 31 Days of Knitting Stitchionary Series and today we are demonstrating the the Woven Basket Stitch. This stitch was not originally on my list for the 31 days of knitting challenge, but a Vintage Storehouse reader reached out to me about half way though the series asking about this stitch. She was really excited to figure out how to do the stitch, but was having a difficult time figuring out how to create the stitch on the loom. After looking at the stitch and the multiple ways of doing the stitch with needles, I felt pretty confident that I could figure it out on the loom and do a video tutorial for her, so I moved a few things around and to squeeze this little sucker in to this months series!

How to Knit the Woven Basket Stitch for the loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.



Knitting Loom: Regular Gauge Kiss Loom {with 1 r in between the pins & the pegs} – We are working with just one side of the regular gauge modular loom.

Knitting Tools: We are using the knitting tool that comes with the kiss looms, but the tool that comes with your loom usually works best!

Ball of Yarn: We are using Tosh Chunky 100% Merino Wool by Madeline Tosh in the color “Whiskers”


  • Cast on in Multiples of 2
  • Row 1: *C2F; Repeat from * to end of row.
  • Row 2: K1, *C2F; Repeat from * to end last stitch, K1
  • Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you’ve reached your desired length.


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  • Raelyn Arnold

    Hi Kelsey,

    I absolutely LOVE your tutorials!! There AWESOME!! I’m learning stitches I never even knew existed before your videos. I have a few questions about the “Woven Basket Stitch, from day 23. Does it need a border? Will it curl without a border? If it needs a border, what type of border would you suggest?Do you think it would make a good baby blanket? Thank you for taking the time & effort to make these tutorials. I had gotten kind of bored with loom knitting. Because I was bored with the stitches & techniques I knew. When I tried to convert stitches I was interested in to the loom, I couldn’t make it work. Thank you for sharing new things with us. I can’t wait to try all 31 stitches. I don’t remember ever beeing this excited about loom knitting. Having to wait for the new tutorials to upload is torture.

    I don’t know if you’re taking suggestions for future tutorials, or not. You may not even know how to do it. But I’d love to learn how to do Loom Knit “Entrelac.” I can’t find any loom knit videos on it, and I can’t figure out the 2nd part of the pattern I have for it. There’s a free “Entrelac” pattern at, if your interested in looking at it.

    Thanks again for the Awesome tutorials


    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Raelyn, I’m glad your excited about the videos. On the Woven Basket Stitch, I didn’t have issues with it curling in from the sides, but I did have issues with it curling upwards from the bottom, so I would definitely do some type of border around the bottom. You might even want to consider a border around the whole thing just to be sure – but I blocked my sample and it was fine anyways. I would probably do something like a simple garter or seed stitch around the bottom and sides if I were doing a baby blanket. It’s a long stitch to knit, so be prepared to work on it for a while. You can get a good rhythm going if you have the kiss looms, but if your working on a different loom without the pegs, it takes FOREVER! At least that what it felt like to me!

      Ya I am definitely taking suggestions for future tutorials, I plan on doing another 31 day challenge later this year and Entrelac is definitely on my list to try to figure out along with an alternating colored chevron stitch. I have a few ideas of how I think I can make them work for the loom. If you have other stitches you are interested in seeing, definitely let me know and I’ll do my best to add it in for the next series!