Writing Inspiration #4: The Nature of Friendship

How much you value and how well you treat your friends say so much about your life and who you are. Do you make friends easily? Does that make you less likely to keep the same friends for a long time?

Today’s post is a part of a new series to the Vintage Storehouse & Co. Blog called Writing Inspiration every Thursday. In an effort to better my writing and to share a little bit more about myself personally, I decided to take on a 52 week writing prompt challenge from the book The Writer’s Devotional and I invite you to join in. The book includes tips, inspiration, quotes and help with improving your writing skills and developing your own voice. I am just including my response to the weekly writing prompt in this book. You can write your own version and share it in the comments below, or you can just follow along and read my responses. 

I personally hold my friends very close. It’s difficult for me to truly open up and relate to people, so those who I have had the opportunity to get close to in my life are very dear to my heart.

 Writing Prompt #4: The Nature of Friendship

The kingpin of those relationships for me is my husband. Next week I will be writing a fantastic story about my husband having a complete meltdown over a pickle. I love this story because it shows how even the most amazing people can have a rough day and completely snap! I don’t think there’s another persons opinion I value more than his. And my friendship with him is invaluable to me. He is the definition of a great friend. He’s kind, loyal, giving, genuinely likes people and is interested in other’s lives and experiences, and loves to make other’s smile. If my husband wasn’t this type of person, I don’t think I would have ever opened up to him and developed the close relationship that we have.

What about you? What do you value in a friendship?

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