Writing Inspiration #2: If I Could Live Anywhere In The World

In a small town, on the outskirts of a small city, there’s a house. This house sit’s in between a bus stop and a mountain side on a large plot of land that’s been passed down from generation to generation for decades. This house is an old manor with tall white pillars lining the yellow front door. Inside is a woman and her family. 

Today’s post is a part of a new series to the Vintage Storehouse & Co. Blog called Writing Inspiration every Thursday. In an effort to better my writing and to share a little bit more about myself personally, I decided to take on a 52 week writing prompt challenge from the book The Writer’s Devotional and I invite you to join in. The book includes tips, inspiration, quotes and help with improving your writing skills and developing your own voice. I am just including my response to the weekly writing prompt in this book. You can write your own version and share it in the comments below, or you can just follow along and read my responses. 

The inside of the home is beaming with light in every corner. The original wood floors have been recently restored to their original beauty. The home is filled with antiques from ages past that are all cherished for their individual history.

Outside is fields full of grass waiting in the wind. The Rocky Mountains standing tall and regal behind it. There are animals as well. Horses, chickens, cats, dogs, anything that needs a home and someone to love can find it here. The family spends their time tending to the animals and helping the small community in which they live.

Vintage Storehouse & Co. Writing Prompt #3: If I could live anywhere in the world

Beyond their estate, there are a few similar families and homes scattered about the mountainside. A few with multiple generations all living in one household. They’re community is miles away from the nearest city, so they depend largely on each other more than the typical American community.

Life here moves slowly, and that’s the way the townsfolk like it. No one moves here to be in the fast lane. This is a place you go to step away from the chaos of the outside world and to remember what’s important to you. It’s a place to appreciate what you have and those you share it with.

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