Writing Inspiration #3: I Like Animals

I have always loved animals. Not liked, but LOVED. I have a sweet spot for dogs, but I honestly believe that every creature on earth is special in it’s own way.

Growing up I always had pets. Whether it be dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, or ferrets, there was always something and I loved spending time with all of them. As I got older I gained an even greater appreciation for life and the lives of animals. My parents divorced when I was a teenager and of course I immediately asked my dad for a puppy. He had a hard time saying no to me before the divorce, so how was he going to say no to me now. 

Today’s post is a part of a new series to the Vintage Storehouse & Co. Blog called Writing Inspiration every Thursday. In an effort to better my writing and to share a little bit more about myself personally, I decided to take on a 52 week writing prompt challenge from the book The Writer’s Devotional and I invite you to join in. The book includes tips, inspiration, quotes and help with improving your writing skills and developing your own voice. I am just including my response to the weekly writing prompt in this book. You can write your own version and share it in the comments below, or you can just follow along and read my responses. 

I had two other dogs t the time, but I never truly felt like they were mine. I loved them, played with them, and helped to take care of the, but I always felt like they were family dogs, or my parents dogs. I didn’t develop a strong bond with them. So I was really excited to get a puppy that was mine. I didn’t know this little puppy would change my life.

Vintage Storehouse Writing Prompt: I like animals

This puppies name is Hollister. (Yes, I did like the store when I was younger, but that’s not the reason I chose the name). She was technically supposed to be mine and my brothers dog, and my brother did help train and take care of her for a long time, but it was always understood that when I moved out, she would come with me.

Hollister opened me up to a whole new level of unconditional love. I love that she care so much about me and that she follows me around the house (she even waits for me outside the bathroom). Her love is so transparent that even strangers make comments about how happy she seems when she’s near me. She loves my husband too, but you can tell it’s not the same. She’s protective of me and gets visibly distressed when I’m upset. She’s so full of personality and spirit she’s a constant reminder of what it means to love unconditionally and to live life to it’s fullest.

I do have another dog, Luna (who my husband actually got when we were dating because of the relationship I had with Hollister), and I love her just as much. But the bond isn’t the same. I think it’s grown a lot since my husband and I got married though and I love spending time with just Luna.

Vintage Storehouse Writing Prompt: I like animals - Jack Russel Dog

We also have a cat named Miya. She is so full of personality and quirkiness that she makes me laugh every day.

Vintage Storehouse Writing Prompt: I like animals - Crazy Cat

So that’s a little about me and my love for animals. (FYI, if I could live on a farm with a hundred animals and spend my time just taking care of and playing with them – that would be my idea of heaven).

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