365 Reasons I Love You {Valentine’s Day Gift Idea}

This is a project I actually completed back in February for Valentines Day. I made it as a gift for my husband, but I’ve also seen it used for daily reminders and fortune cookies.

Basically what I did is create a list of 365 little star origami that each have a reason that I love my husband on them. Coming up with 365 reasons can take a while, as well as folding 365 origami was pretty time-consuming, but in the end it was worth it. My husband was so happy when I gave him the present. He told me it was the nicest and most thoughtful present he had ever gotten. Even other people were impressed with how thoughtful this gift was. To come up with that many reasons why you love someone, you need to be very specific instead of broad. For example: Instead of saying “I love your hair”, you could come up with two separate aspects of his hair that you love. For my husband I used “I love your dark brown hair” and ” I love the way you style your hair when we go on dates.” By being specific, you can easily double the number of reasons you have. Here is a list of 20 of the reasons I used for my husband to help inspire you:

  1. I love that you try to help me with my projects
  2. I love that you know how to build things
  3. I love you for turning off my curling iron
  4. I love you for trying to make Christmas special for me.
  5. I love your great sense of humor
  6. I love you for making me laugh even when I’m sad
  7. I love you for going to work even when you don’t want to
  8. I love that you are patient with me
  9. I love that we have built a life together
  10. I love that you would do anything for me
  11. I love that you challenge me to think
  12. I love that you show me the other side of the story
  13. I love when you leave me notes to remind me to do things
  14. I love how kind you are to everyone
  15. I love that I am proud of you
  16. I love that you never wear long pants
  17. I love your loyalty
  18. I love that you tell me that your jokes are jokes
  19. I love that you play pranks with me
  20. I love that you are so gullible

This is just one way you could use these star origami. I’ve also seen people put little inspirational quotes on them, or reminders. I also thought it would be fun to create fortune cookies out of them, and let your guests open them when they come over to help generate conversations.

Here is what you will need:

  • One container (the container size depends on how large you want to make your origami and how many origami you want to make.)
  • Assortment of decorative papers. (I used a Pattern Pack from Colorbök called Midnight Garden. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $5.00)
  • Assortment of Ribbons. ( The four ribbons I used were between $1.25-$2.50 for a roll.  I believe I purchased some from Michael’s and some from Wal-Mart. I used a thick teal ribbon with wire, a cream-colored ribbon, a thin lime green ribbon and a medium light blue ribbon to create this look.)
  • A 12″ paper-cutter
  • A pen
  • A hole puncher

Here are the steps on how to create this project:

Step 1:

Cut your papers into 1 1/5 cm strips. You can adjust the size to fit your needs, but this worked perfectly for me.

365 Reasons I love You | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Step 2:

Write your reasons/quotes/fortunes on each strip.

I love that you give me seashells | Valentines Day Project by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

 Step 3:

Tie a knot in one end of the strip. This is a key part of shaping the star. You want to form a pentagon (5 sides). If you start by tying a knot in one end of the strip and pressing all the sides flat, you will get the perfect star shape as shown here.

Close-Up On Folding Knot for Oragami Stars | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

After you have tied a loose knot, tighten the knot until you can press all the sides flat as shown be.

Close-Up On Folded Oragami Star

Step 4:

Tuck in the short end and begin to wrap the long end around the five sides.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Step 5:

Tuck in the remaining end. In some cases you might have to tear off a little of the end so that it fits flat inside the slot.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Step 6:

Pinch the corners of the pentagon shape to give the star volume and create the five points.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Step 7:

Create a tag for your container. I just wrote “365 Reasons I love you” on mine because I did not have a lot of time to print out something. Then I punched a hole in the top corner and strung it through my ribbons. I used 4 colors of ribbon because I wanted to add a lot of volume to the bow, but I only strung the tag through the thinnest ribbon to avoid bunching.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Step 8:

Fill your container with your origami and tie a bow. I bought this white vase from Michael’s Crafts for about $10.00. It worked perfectly and it not only serves as a valentine’s day present, but a cute decoration as well.

365 Reasons I love You Valentines Day Craft by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

And there you have it! The idea is that my husband opens one every day for the next year. I liked the idea because I felt it would add at least one good thing to his life each day!

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