{Tutorial} Replacing a Missing Piece

Have you ever fell in love with an old antique piece of furniture that you wanted to restore, just to find out that it had a missing chunk that you couldn’t fix? This has happened to me multiple times. Chairs that have had missing curved railings, desks with missing appliqués, and this nightstand where the bottom of the design in had been knocked off somehow.

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

Luckily, this nightstand had four sides, with all the same basic design, so I had something to copy. I was determined to restore this set, and I thought this missing piece would be a huge eye sore, so I got started on figuring out how to fix it.

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

At my local craft store I found this stuff: Amazing Mold Putty Kit & Amazing Casting Resin. It’s used to make a resin mold out of ANYTHING. So as long as your piece of furniture has at least one identical piece to copy, you can make a mold. You could use this to replace appliques, hardware, or in my case a missing design element. Ya it’s awesome!

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture



{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

To make your mold you simply combine equal parts of the white container of goo with the yel container of goo (I’m super technical as you can tell).

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

Mix it up until it’s all one solid light yel color. Make sure to get enough to cover your entire area. I had to go back and get more after I realized I didn’t have close to enough.

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

Then just wrap it around the area you are trying to replicate. In my case I was using the other side of the night stand design. I wrapped more than I needed so that I could sand it down to the size I wanted. Make sure to push into all the cracks and crevices really well to get a nice mold. Let it dry until it’s hardened about 20 minutes. It will feel like rubber when it’s done.


{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

This parts pretty simple. Just peel it off, making sure not to break it. It’s flexible, so you can bend it to a little bit to get it off.


{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

This part was a little bit more tricky. To make the resin, you simply mix equal parts of the yel goo with the clear goo. (Again, super technical here.) Then you poor it into your mold. Well, my mold had a problem, I needed there to be 3 sides, and I only had 2. If I poured it in now, the molding would spill out the top. So I just made another flat side of out of the mold and cut it to fit snugly into the mold to make another side.

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

 A little still spilled out, but not much and it worked great! Now you just let that cure. I think it took around an hour for it to harden all the way through.


This part is again, super easy. The mold is a little bendy, so just bend until the cast just pops out. Then sand it down with 220 -320 grit sand paper until you get the size you want.

{Tutorial} How to Replace A Missing Piece by #VintageStorehouse&Co. #Tutorial #FixingFurniture #PaintedFurniture

I just used wood glue to attach it, which worked perfect. I lined it up to where I wanted and used a c clap to keep it in place while it dried.

Let me just say that this is SUPER EASY. Like a monkey could do it easy. When I first told my husband about my idea, he pretty much told me I’m crazy and he’ll be shocked if it worked. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical myself, but voila! it worked perfect.

The Emily Set {Before & After} by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture #PinkPaintedFurniture #AntiqueDresser #LittleGirlFurniture

No more passing up on pieces of furniture with missing pieces!

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  • http://thesiteowl.com Kathryn Dilligard

    Nicely done. It doesn’t even look different. Now I know what to do with my broken furniture.

  • Rebecca Hunt

    Hi, great info but the photo links are all broken. Would you be able to fix the photos? I just bought a pretty dresser to refinish, but it’s missing a piece of molding and your tutorial would be so much more helpful if the photos were working. thanks!

    • http://www.vintagestorehouse.com Kelsey @ Vintage Storehouse &

      Hi Rebecca,

      My blog recently was hacked and it broke a lot of the photo links unfortunately. I’ve been working to get them updated, but it’s a long and slow process. In the meantime, I recently redid this tutorial, and you can find the new tutorial here: http://www.vintagestorehouse.com/diy-furniture/how-i-paint-furniture/how-to-fix-a-missing-piece-on-your-painted-furniture-tutorial/

      • Rebecca Hunt

        thanks much for your reply and link to the new tutorial. I just watched it; very helpful and very well done. Sorry to hear about your blog getting hacked; I know how hard it is to go back and fix broken links. again, many thanks