How to Restore Old Wood with Hemp Seed Oil {Tutorial}

Todays post is going to be all about Hemp Seed Oil. We introduced our own line of Hemp Seed Oil with our new line of Metallic Powders because the two products work well together, and we wanted to offer an alternative to wax.  We’ve already covered how you can use Hemp Seed Oil with the powders to get a very subtle metallic g, but today I wanted to show you how you can use Hemp Seed Oil on it’s own to revive old, tired and dry wood back to it’s original glory!

Hemp Seed Oil can be used on bare natural wood or over previously finished pieces that just need a little reviving. It can also be used over Chalk Based Paint and Milk Based Paint to add a layer of protection and shine to the finish. In this demonstration, I restored an old early 1900’s dresser. This dresser had definitely seen better days.

Meet Elizabeth - Restored 1900's dresser | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Someone must have had this piece sitting in some paint related room or garage, because it had paint splatters all over it. Unfortunately this piece was mostly made up of thin veneer that was falling off and couldn’t be saved, but the drawers were in great shape and were solid wood. Yay for me! I decided to clean them up and use a little Hemp Seed Oil magic to bring them back to life.

I honestly couldn’t have imagined when I started working on this that it would go through such a huge transformation just on the drawers alone. I really didn’t realize how much grime had built up on this dresser over the years until I started taking it away.

How to Restore Old Wood with Hemp Seed Oil Tutorial | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

The bottom drawer in this image has been cleaned, while the top drawer has not. You can see how much grim and dirt had gathered up over time, making the whole dresser look much darker than it was.

How to Restore Old Wood with Hemp Seed Oil Tutorial | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

I applied the hemp seed oil using one of our disposable microfiber cloths so that I wouldn’t have to worry about lint getting into the finish. You can immediately see how much more vibrant the wood looks once the oil is applied.

Meet Elizabeth - Cotton Chalk Based Paint with Roasted Chestnut Antiquing Powder | Vintage Storehouse & Co.


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