How to Fix a Missing Piece on Your Painted Furniture {Tutorial}

A few months ago I restored a gorgeous antique dresser and night stand, and in the process I did a written tutorial on how to fix a missing piece on your furniture. This is so common among old pieces where an appliqué is missing or a carving has fallen off over time. But more often than not, you’ll find the exact appliqué that was supposed to be on one side of the project, in tact on the other side. And I have a really simple and easy way of fixing that issue using resin casting.

Fast forward a few months and I ran into this beautiful antique vanity that was of course, missing a few pieces. So I decided to do a video tutorial on it replacing the missing pieces. This vanity was missing one half of the ribbon of the appliqué on the mirror and a small rectangular piece on the bottom corner of one of the sides.

How to Replace A Missing Piece on Painted Furniture by Vintage Storehouse & Co.



    • Tools to remove the piece you’re copying (If Necessary) – I used a chisel and mallet.
    •  The Amazing Mold Making Kit by Alumilite (Amazon Link:
    •  The Amazing Casting Resin Kit by Alumilite (Amazon Link:
    •  A Plastic or Paper Cup
    •  Sandpaper (I used 220 grit)
    • Wood Glue (I used Gorilla Wood Glue)
    • Wet Wipes – you could use baby wipes, a wet paper towel or a damp dish cloth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that it better helps explain how to use the mold kits!

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