{Before & After} Meet Antoinette – White Glazed Hutch

Well hello there! Are you excited to see the wonderful transformation of this questionable, but large hutch? I’ve been promising it forever, so I’m sure you’re just drooling with excitement by now! (Just kidding 😉 )

Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder

I found this hutch online. It was WAY, I mean WAY over priced for what it was, but the person selling it was extremely firm on the price, and I really wanted it for 2 reasons. First, it was large – large enough to hold the TV which is in our bedroom, so we wouldn’t have to buy a new smaller T.V. (This is rare for armoires people!) Second, the carvings and design on this hutch matched perfectly with my existing furniture. The furniture I have in my room is a gorgeous walnut color, but has beautiful carvings around every piece. I love this set, but the matching armoire was too small, and very gaudy looking. It was like the took what I love about all the other pieces and amped it up so much that it was just too much for me. This piece was the perfect balance, and since I wanted it to be white – it would balance out the room perfectly. So I paid more than what it was worth – much to my husbands dismay, because that is what it was worth to ME, and I knew what it would be worth when I finished it.Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder #BeforeandAfter

This set needed a lot of work. I had to glue back together the molding on the top side, one of the door panels was coming off, so that also got glued back on, and I had to fix on of the doors. But then it was finally ready for its transformation!

Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder #BeforeandAfter

I painted this set with Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint mixed with Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder and tinted to Shoji White on the outside. Then I hand painted the inside with the same thing tinted to Wordly Gray, which is just a swatch darker on the paint chip for Shoji White. I did this because Wordy Gray is going to be the color of our walls when we finally paint them in a few months, so I thought it would be fun to have a pop of coordinating color when you opened it up.

Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder #BeforeandAfter

After it was all painted, I waxed the entire thing with Fiddes Wax and applied Blue Minerals Antiquing Powder in Wrought Iron. Check out the tutorial on how I did this here. I love the way the Wrought Iron made the piece look really elegant and old, which is why she got named Antoinette. It also made all the details pop!

I kept all the original hardware as well because it went with what is already in my room perfectly.Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder #BeforeandAfter

Antoinette - Restored White Glazed Hutch by #VingateStorehouse #PaintedFurniture #AntiquingPowder #BeforeandAfter

Antoinette is now in my bedroom, which makes me so happy because before we really just had a T.V. on a wall. The room is almost finished. All we have left is the wall treatment, which is going to be a gorgeous white bead board about 5′ up the wall and wordly gray on the top. I would do it now if my husband would let me, but he wants me to wait until he has more time to help in the summer. But if you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited!


Materials Used:

Vintage Storehouse Chalky Paint Powder mixed with Sherwin Williams Cashmere tinted to Shoji White & Wordly Gray
Fiddes Wax in “Clear”
Disposable Microfiber Cloths
Dusting Brush
Vintage Storehouse Antiquing Powder in “Wrought Iron”
Mineral Spirits

See the original post: Antoinette {Before & After}

I love Antoinette, and honestly I’m happy to have paid what I did for her. She is the perfect piece for the . If you haven’t already, definitely enter our giveaway for your own container of the Wrought Iron Antiquing Powder that we used on Antoinette!

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  • Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Wow, what a stunning piece!

  • http://Idon'thaveaWebsite Carla

    It gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    I have a question. …I hope you are willing to give advice:-)
    I’ve been reading bout chalk paint…..looking at projects posted done w/chalk paint. …it looks so incolved! But I read ur steps u did for your lovely pc, & it doesn’t look quite as difficult? ??
    I’m sure it was….yrs ago I painted our wood kitchen cabinets. …With just regular paint. ..they came out great , put new hardware on to update them…..but they need redone again…..and I have a wood “counter” I’d like to update….it’s an ikea pc we bought 15 yrs ago. …stained it and put the shinny stuff on after the stain… (forget what it’s called)….that pc is the savior of my kitchen! !!! (When u have a small kitchen. ..u have to find ways to make it work:-)
    I’d love to re do that also….getting worn looking…..
    I guess my question is. …how difficult is that paint u used??? Wld u recommend it for the kitchen???? The color u used wld be perfect! But are there others to choose from….im a green fanatic!
    I know it’s a lot of questions. ….but if u can help me decide , id be so grateful!!!!!
    Ty, carla ♡

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Hi Carla,

      I used Sherwin Williams Cashmere Paint which is just a latex paint. You can get it in any color – they even color match. Then I added Blue Minerals Chalk & Mineral Paint Powder to it to transform it into Chalk-Style Paint that requires no prep work. I love using this product as you can really get any color you want. It’s really not difficult – but on a large project like kitchen cabinets, it might be time consuming. And yes, I would recommend it for Kitchens. I hope that helps!

  • http://greenwillowpond.com Deborah

    This turned out absolutely, breathtakingly beautitful. I don’t know what you paid, but it was worth every penny! Can’t wait to see it in your room. I hope you will link it up when it’s all finished 🙂 Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week! ~Deborah

  • http://www.orphanswithmakeup.com Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    Love this piece – so pretty. It looks perfect in white.

  • zahraf82

    I watched your tutorial about how to paint without brush marks by adding water. So, when you add the blue minerals chalk paint to the paint can you still add the additional water to avoid the brush marks?

    • Kelsey Elaine

      Yes, you can add the water when mixing up the Blue Minerals, or after you’ve added the Blue Minerals in. I prefer after so that I can get a better idea of the consistency of the paint to avoid adding to much water right off.