How to Apply Antiquing Powder using Wax {Tutorial}

Last week I did a tutorial on how to apply Antiquing Powder using Wax and Mineral Spirits. That technique gives you ultimate control of how heavy your apply the product and is ideal for dark Antiquing Powders done over Light Paint or Natural Wood. Today, I wanted to show you how you can apply the powder with out Mineral Spirits by removing the excess powder with additional wax. This is more ideal for light colors of Antiquing Powder where the look is more subtle or you want a more dramatic effect with darker colors.

Meet Wendy - Cotton and French Cobblestone Restored Cedar Chest

This is a cedar chest painted with VS Chalk Based Paint in the color “Cotton” (Coming June 2015) and Antiquing with VS Antiquing Powder in “French Cobblestone”. It gives the piece an overall gray tone with a bit of an aged look that makes the details pop, but doesn’t overpower the elegant simplicity of this cedar chest.


This video is still uploading, please check back soon!


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