{Tutorial} Using Vaseline to Create Natural Chippy Paint Look

If you love the Shabby Chic, Chippy Paint look, then you might have heard about using Vaseline to recreate that look for a very cost. If you haven’t heard, then boy are you in for a treat! I love the look Vaseline gives you on painted furniture. Nothing else compares. Usually, I like to use a combination of Vaseline and Sanding to create an all around, naturally aged look.  [Read more…]

{Tutorial} Using Toner to Stain Wood Like A Pro

Hello again! I know I promised this tutorial would be up yesterday…. I’m sorry…. I admit, I’m a terrible person. ( 😉 Just Kidding). But the video was up on YouTube yesterday, so I had half of it ready for you at least.  Any who… it’s finally here! A few of you have been asking me for a tutorial on this since I mentioned it when I refinished this beautiful black and white dining set. [Read more…]

White Cottage Boutique now at the Quilted Bear in Midvale

I’m so excited to announce that White Cottage Boutique has a new retail location at the Quilted Bear in Midvale, Utah.


I personally love the Quilted Bear. If you haven’t been there recently, you really should stop by. In addition to a few pieces of furniture restored by White Cottage Boutique, you will also find tons of home decor items, furniture and crafts there! They really have done a great job of finding very talented individuals to stock their store! [Read more…]

Double Sided Halloween/Thanksgiving Banner

Well hello! Is it really Monday again? This weekend flew by way too fast. I’m so excited today because I was able to do another guest post for the Wood Connection! If you don’t already know about it, the Wood Connection is a cute little shop here in Utah that sells wood furniture and crafts. Their furniture is beautiful, and can be customized to your specific needs and their crafts are so much fun! They are honestly all over my house because I not only love making them, but I love the way they look, and they are super fun to have for Holidays. [Read more…]

Photo Transfer onto Wood

This post is a bit of  an extension of the post I did yesterday on a Wood Burned Zombie Apocalypse Sign! I just wanted to show you an image transferred with just the wood burning tool. It’s so fascinating to me how easy this is. You just use heat (almost like an iron) to transfer any printed image onto another surface. So cool. I tried using an iron, and I didn’t get as good of results as using the tool. I think it’s because the tool really als you to push the image down into all the cracks. [Read more…]

3 Panel Map + Mod Podge Tutorial

Hi there! It’s October! I can’t tell you how excited I am for Haleen. Other than Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday! Mostly because of all the fun crafts and decor items all over the place. So to celebrate I’ve created a huge list of Haleen crafts that I’ve got lined up over the next few weeks. Hopefully, a few of them will inspire you! 😉  Plus if you’re a big Haleen fan like me you might want to checkout our Haleen Village that we completed last week. So cute! Also, if you haven’t already, enter our Blue Minerals Giveaway.

Blue Minerals Giveaway!

Hi there, I’m so excited to tell you that we are giving away a 16 oz. container of Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder! I’m so excited about this giveaway as we’ve been talking about it on here so much lately and I honestly swear by this stuff. I use it on everything now… furniture, crafts, glass.. It sticks to just about anything and creates such a beautiful finish. Plus it’s really simple to use. Just add 2 Tbs of the Blue Minerals Powder to 1 Tbs of water. Then once its thoroughly been mixed together, add that to 1 cup of latex or acrylic paint in any color you can dream of.  If you’ve ever had issues with your paint peeling, this stuff will make your life so much easier. Prettier too!
[Read more…]