Writing Inspiration #5: My Strongest Memory (The Pickle That Almost Ruined My Marriage)

Vintage Storehouse & Co. Writing Prompt: My Strongest Memory

I was traumatized. My heart was beating out of my chest, sweat dripping off my face. I wanted to move, but I just couldn’t convince my body to do what my brain was asking of it.

Outside the car stood a man. The man was quiet, but his face showed his anger. It was boiling inside him like hot lava ready to burst out of a volcano.

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Writing Inspiration #3: I Like Animals

Vintage Storehouse Writing Prompt: I like animals - Jack Russell Terrier Dog

I have always loved animals. Not liked, but LOVED. I have a sweet spot for dogs, but I honestly believe that every creature on earth is special in it’s own way.

Growing up I always had pets. Whether it be dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, or ferrets, there was always something and I loved spending time with all of them. As I got older I gained an even greater appreciation for life and the lives of animals. My parents divorced when I was a teenager and of course I immediately asked my dad for a puppy. He had a hard time saying no to me before the divorce, so how was he going to say no to me now.  [Read more…]

Writing Inspiration #2: If I Could Live Anywhere In The World

Vintage Storehouse & Co. Writing Prompt #3: If I could live anywhere in the world

In a small town, on the outskirts of a small city, there’s a house. This house sit’s in between a bus stop and a mountain side on a large plot of land that’s been passed down from generation to generation for decades. This house is an old manor with tall white pillars lining the yellow front door. Inside is a woman and her family.  [Read more…]

Writing Inspiration #1: The Meaning of Freedom

Vintage Storehouse & Co. The Meaning of Freedom Writing Prompt

As I get older, the meaning of freedom is a question I am continuously reassessing. When you’re young, you are, in a sense, “blind” to reality. You’re reality is that which your caretakers present to you. It’s like one gigantic magic trick. But as you get older, the veil slowly falls and, if you’re anything like me, concepts like freedom, that seemed so simple, become more and more complex.  [Read more…]