Valentines Day Printable – Subway Art

Free Valentines Day Printable #Valentines by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

I can’t believe that Valentines Day is just around the corner already! Every time I look on Pinterest, I’m shocked with all the Valentines Day recipes, crafts and activities that are spreading like wildfire. I finally decided to start getting ready for it, since it seems like everyone else is. So, I created this cute (and free) Valentines Day Printable. You’re welcome to download it if you would like. I printed mine out on a 10 x 8″ piece of white card stock and put it in a frame. I don’t have a lot of Valentines decorations, so I’m pretty excited about this one!

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DIY Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Tutorial

DIY Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Do you ever feel like your loosing your mind? I hope so, or I might just be going crazy! Anyways, we’ve got a fun new announ for you Blue Minerals lovers out there coming out later this week. In the meantime I have a fun little project/ tutorial for you. (By the way, I know I’ve been promising this forever, but I am almost done with our toning tutorial, so this month is going to be a huge month of furniture restoration tutorials!). [Read more…]

Believe there is Good in the World

Believe There Is Good In The World Sign Tutorial by Vintage Storehouse #Tutorial #Believe #Quotes

I’ve had this project on my blog bucket list for the longest time. I saw this quote some where on Pinterest and it really resonated with me. I usually don’t s my beliefs on here, but this once will a quick exception. To me this message is something to truly live by.  It’s simple and beautiful.  To me, it means that not only should we believe in the good, but we should take responsibility for creating it for ourselves and others. We should be the hero for someone else instead of expecting someone else to be the hero for us. [Read more…]

4th of July Chevron Flag

4th of July Flag by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

I really enjoy decorating our home for Holidays, but I tend to be a little biased on my holidays. Before this year I had zero Valentines day decorations or 4th of July decorations, but about 2 boxes full of Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff (Christmas is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E). I even had a few for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. So this year, as I was scrolling through my beloved Pinterest, I started noticing all the fun 4th of July decorations. I decided it was time for me to make a few.

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4th of July Wreath

4th of July Wreath by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

I wanted to do something fun for 4th of July this year, so I started searching through Pinterest for cool crafty ideas I could do. I love Pinterest… I get so many great ideas and inspiration through that site… its great! So, I settled on doing a 4th of July Wreath… but I was struggling to find anything that inspired me on Pinterest. (I know, rare right!). So, I grabbed my sister-in-law and we made a trip down to Tai Wan Imports. I know I have mentioned this store in the past, but in case you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a whole sale craft and decor store. You are required to have a business account set up through them prior to purchasing anything there, but the deals and selection are fantastic.

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Wreath Centerpiece

Custom Wreath Centerpiece craft on Vintage Storehouse & CO.

I actually completed this wreath centerpiece a while ago, and like many things… I totally forgot to write about it! This was a really fun project. I went down to a store here in Utah called Tai Wan Imports. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a wholesale home decor place located in Midvale. I love shopping there! They have a million different little home decor items for dirt cheap! The only catch is that because they are a wholesale store,  you must have a business account set up there to buy anything.

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Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Hi guys, Its been a while…. Christmas and New Years were crazy with all the DIY’s and crafts that get posted around the Holidays I was having a hay day. But unfortunately, I haven’t had time to update you guys on what I’ve been doing. But its a new year, and my new years resolution is to be a better blogger. Hopefully…. Anyways, I was messing around on Pinterest, and I saw a tutorial on how to make your own sugar scrub out of essential oils. I thought it was a fantastic idea for Christmas gifts, so I went down to my local vitamin shop and got some supplies and started mixing up the scrub. I changed the recipe a bit from the one I saw online, so here is what I found worked best for me. This recipe is for Peppermint Sugar Scrub, but you can really do any kind of essential oil you want. I’ve used lemon, orange and peppermint so far and they’ve all turned out fantastic. [Read more…]