United We Stand Sign & Giveaway!

The Wood Connection: United We Stand

I’m so excited to be guest posting over at the Wood Connection again today! I was lucky enough to go in when they were getting out their new 4th of July projects. For those of you who are new to my blog, last June I did another 4th of July Chevron Flag using a different Wood Connection project. This flag was one of my first projects to ever go “viral” and to this day is still one my most popular posts. I’m happy to say that they still sell the flag set this year if you are interested! [Read more…]

{Photography} Epiphanie Bag Review

Epiphanie Bag Review at #VintageStorehouse #Photography

Hi there… come sit down won’t you? Today I’m going to be writing a little bit about these cute little camera bags I just discovered. I came across these bags while browsing the Paint the Moon Blog. I will tell you that I love Annie Manning’s blog. She sells action sets that I also love, but that’s another post for another time… If you love photography, and you haven’t ventured into her blog yet, she does a great job of demonstrating how to get good lighting, dress for photos… etc.  [Read more…]

Spring Is In the Air! Spring Flower Seed Signs

Spring Seeds Craft by #TheVintageStorehouse #Crafts #Spring

I’m so excited for Spring. I just want to go plant a garden or something… But unfortunately, the last few weeks here in Utah have been quite glum. It started to get warm, but then we got SNOW in the city yesterday. Can you believe that? It’s April for goodness sakes! Okay… moving on from my rant. It’s supposed to get a little warmer towards the end of this week, so hopefully I can spend some wonderful time outside. In the mean time, these cute little Spring Fer Seed Signs that I made for [Read more…]

How I Edit My Photos with Florabella

Florabella Photoshop Action Photography Edit Tutorial by #VintageStorehouse #Photography #Florabella

I’ve been experimenting a little bit lately with Photography and editing my photos. I used to be in love with Photography right around the time I started college, but fell away from it as I got older. Then when I started White Cottage Boutique, and my business restoring furniture, I got back out my (by then “old”) camera and started taking photos of my work. Photos are such a huge part of being a blogger, that you are constantly trying to improve your work. I don’t mind taking the photos, but I can’t tell you how much I love editing photos. I could edit photos all day, everyday and be completely happy! Especially with Florabella Action Sets. [Read more…]

{Tutorial} How to Tailor A Shirt for a Perfect Fit

How to Tailor A Shirt for a Perfect Fit | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Today I’m going to s with you all my experience with tailoring a button up shirt. Like many women out there, I have a difficult shape to find clothes for. My shape becomes a little bit of an issue when searching for button up shirts. They are almost always too short or too baggy. So, I decided it was time to learn how to tailor a shirt so that I can purchase shirts that are slightly too big and tailor them to fit me just right.  I’m not, by any means, an expert seamstress, but thanks to my mom teaching me how to sew doll clothes when I was little, I do know a little bit about sewing clothing. [Read more…]