DIY Pantry Labels

DIY Pantry Label by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #DIY #Labels

I’ve been having a problem getting my kitchen organized lately. My pantry is a mess and I can never find anything. So, as I was exploring the oh so wonderful land of Pinterest, I came across these gorgeous labels done by Kristine over at The Painted Hive. She used this wonderful Magic Decal Sticker to create her labels & she even has a link to where you can download her labels for your own use in her step by step tutorial! (There’s also a link to where you can purchase the magic decal paper in her tutorial). [Read more…]

{Tutorial} How to Tailor A Shirt for a Perfect Fit

How to Tailor A Shirt for a Perfect Fit | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Today I’m going to s with you all my experience with tailoring a button up shirt. Like many women out there, I have a difficult shape to find clothes for. My shape becomes a little bit of an issue when searching for button up shirts. They are almost always too short or too baggy. So, I decided it was time to learn how to tailor a shirt so that I can purchase shirts that are slightly too big and tailor them to fit me just right.  I’m not, by any means, an expert seamstress, but thanks to my mom teaching me how to sew doll clothes when I was little, I do know a little bit about sewing clothing. [Read more…]

Valentines Day Printable – Subway Art

Free Valentines Day Printable #Valentines by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

I can’t believe that Valentines Day is just around the corner already! Every time I look on Pinterest, I’m shocked with all the Valentines Day recipes, crafts and activities that are spreading like wildfire. I finally decided to start getting ready for it, since it seems like everyone else is. So, I created this cute (and free) Valentines Day Printable. You’re welcome to download it if you would like. I printed mine out on a 10 x 8″ piece of white card stock and put it in a frame. I don’t have a lot of Valentines decorations, so I’m pretty excited about this one!

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DIY Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Tutorial

DIY Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Do you ever feel like your loosing your mind? I hope so, or I might just be going crazy! Anyways, we’ve got a fun new announ for you Blue Minerals lovers out there coming out later this week. In the meantime I have a fun little project/ tutorial for you. (By the way, I know I’ve been promising this forever, but I am almost done with our toning tutorial, so this month is going to be a huge month of furniture restoration tutorials!). [Read more…]