Goof Off Tutorial

Things you will need:

  • Paint the color of your baseboard and the color of your walls.
  • Small can of goof-off
  • 5 cotton swabs per mistake
  • Paper Towels
  • Two small paint brushes
  • Electrical/ Masking tape

Approx. Cost: $20.00

So Goof-off is a relatively easy fix for mistakes when your painting. Most of the time if you are using a light color on your walls it is not necessary, but in the case where you are using a very saturated dark color,  you would need it.

Step 1:

Layout all of your supplies. I already had a tarp laid out for my other project (crown molding) so I used that, but I would recommend using a place mat or newspaper so you have some where to put your wet paintbrushes and supplies. Lay everything out next to the first mistake you will be covering.

Before Applying Goof-off

Step 2:

Squirt a small amount of Goof-off onto a cotton swab.

Step 3:

Use the cotton swab to gently rub off the paint where you don’t want it. If you push too hard you will also take off the baseboard paint as well. It starts to look like a bigger mess than what you had to begin with, but don’t worry, it comes out looking much better. You’ll want to take off more than you need so your lines are clean.

It will look like you are creating a bigger mess, but just continue to clean it off gently until all the unwanted color is removed.

Step 4:

Once you’ve rubbed off all the paint that you didn’t want, you can dry it off with a paper towel if necessary.

Step 5:

Use your electrical/masking tape to tape off the baseboard again.

Step 6:

Paint the walls with one of your touch up brushes.

Step 7:

Once it’s dry you can remove the masking tape.

Step 8:

Repeat the process, this time placing the masking tape on the wall and painting the baseboard.

And you’re done! You can use Goof-off on almost anything. You can even remove glue with it!

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