{Before and After} Well hello there, Evalynn!

Cream Glazed Antique Two Tone Desk | Vintage Storehouse & Co. Love the Cane!

I’ve recently decided to start naming my furniture. I know, I know it may seem really strange but the biggest reason I’ve decided to do this is to help me keep track of my refinished pieces. You’d be surprised at how quickly you lose track of things when you’re referring to 6 different dining sets as Dining set 1 or 2 . Also, I thought it would be fun. So this gorgeous newly refinished dining sets new name is going to be Evalynn. I feel like the name really represents the Classic romantic beauty of this set, Anyways, on to the photos. [Read more…]

{Before & After} Distressed Table Set

Rustic Distressed Table Set {Painted Furniture Before & After} by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

So, I really wanted to find a project that I could demonstrate the transformation that happens when you apply dark wax over light. It took me a while to find something that I wanted to look really aged, until my mom picked these up at a garage sale. They were perfect as they were not too complex, so working with the dark glaze wouldn’t take too long.

She got this set for like 10 bucks. The finish was all over the place, they were all beat up and someone had spilled some type of wax on the top of the sofa table. All around they were disgusting, but nothing a little stripper and paint couldn’t fix!

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{Before & After} White Glazed Bedroom Set

White Glazed Bedroom set by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

So I’ve been having so much fun with Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder (now Vintage Storehouse & Co. Chalky Paint Powder). The time I spend painting furniture has been drastically reduced. For example, this beautiful chest of drawers was completed start to finish in less than a day. (I did do some prep-work adding the legs and molding the day before, but it was painted and sealed all in one day). Everything just goes by so much faster when you’re not sanding or priming. (On my old DIY version of Chalk Paint, I would have to sand the entire piece after I painted it to get a smooth finish).

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