Antique Dresser Rescue and History – Rushville, Indiana

Antique Dresser & Nightstand - Rushville Furniture Co. Restoration #BeforeandAfter #PaintedFurniture #Antique

Last week I was out scouring my favorite antique and thrift stores looking for some beautiful pieces of furniture that I felt like would be good candidates for restoration. When looking for furniture, I generally look for pieces that are beyond just a basic “sand it down and stain it” repair. So most of the time, I end up with pieces that have missing veneer. missing pieces or overall are just not restorable without a furniture manufacturing plant. 🙂 This dresser set was one of those pieces, and I’m so glad I came across it! [Read more…]

{Before & After} White Washed Mint Dresser

Mint and White Washed Dresser Re-do | Vintage Storehouse & Co. | Painted Furniture Inspiration

I’m so excited to be sharing furniture make-overs with you again! It’s been a while. I recently refinished a dresser set with a beautiful minty color called Larchmere by Sherwin Williams. I love combining this color with a white washed effect because it’s vibrant enough that the white washing doesn’t wash out the entire color.  [Read more…]

{Before & After} Meet Dawson -Restored Hall Tree

So currently I’m on a mission. My mission is to create the same beautiful finish that you see in the Restoration Hardware Magazines. There is one issue with this… the Restoration Hardware finishes we all love use stain, but I want to create the same finish with paint. So I had to figure out away to create the same (or similar) effect with paint. Here is how it turned out. [Read more…]

{Before & After} The Stephanie Set – Restoration Hardware Inspired Dresser Set

The Stephanie Set | Restored Pottery Barn Dresser | Vintage Storehouse & Co. Using Vintage Storehouse Antiquing Powder & Chalky Paint Powder

I have been so excited to introduce you to the Stephanie Set since I finished them last Monday! This set was a custom job for a friend of mine. She loves the Restoration Hardware muted greys, browns and whites. I had never done a look like this before but I was excited to try it out and see what we could come up with. After researching a few tutorials and products that would help create the weathered grey wood look, I came across a new product called DIY Driftwood. (more to come on this product later.) I love look it gave and it sort of shaped the look of the rest of the piece. [Read more…]

{Before & After} Lola Marie – Caliente Red Dresser

Red Painted Dresser Before & After | The Vintage Storehouse & Co.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out yesterday’s post on eliminating brush strokes, you definitely should check it out! I say that because Lola Marie was painted by hand with only a brush and I couldn’t be happier about the way she turned out. She is the second piece that I’ve done with this technique and I am just floored by the results that I’m getting! [Read more…]

{Before & After} Meet Geneva – Blue and Grey Hutch

Geneva | Gray & Blue Restored Hutch by Vintage Storehouse & Co. Used: VIntage Storehouse Chalky Paint Powder

I want to introduce you to someone… her name is Geneva, and boy is she a beauty!

So of course, I am head over heals for all the little details that went into creating this hutch. She was so boring when I got here. All straight lines, simple, to put it plainly, not a lot of character. So I wanted to amp that up a bit and go for a very rustic, country charm feel. I think we succeeded, but I will let you be the judge of that…

[Read more…]