Meet Aimee – Candlelight Antique Side Table

Meet Aimee - Candlelight Yellow Side Table by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

This table was so cute I just couldn’t pass it up. I had been looking for a small Duncan Phyfe Table for a long time. When I found Aimee, she was pretty beat up. The top had a leather inlay that was beyond repair. I decided to remove the leather and just paint the wood underneath. I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to put some wallpaper there – which I still think would be cute, but ultimately simplicity won.  [Read more…]

How to White Wash Furniture using Antiquing Powder {Video Tutorial}

How to White Wash Furniture using VS Antiquing Powder in White Cashmere

Using VS Antiquing Powder to white wash your painted projects isn’t much different than applying any other color of antiquing powder, but it does give a dramatic effect. You can use any of the lighter colors to white wash, but White Cashmere is the most common color.

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Meet Jolie – Candlelight & White Cashmere Headboard

Candlelight & White Cashmere Headboard before & after | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Todays project was a requested piece by a friend of mine. She’s had this black headboard for years and was really ready for something more bright and fun. There is something I just really love about bright yellow headboards. They can make any room just come alive. So I was really excited when she wanted to paint this piece in VS Chalk Based Paint in Candlelight.  [Read more…]

Vintage Storehouse Chalk Based Paint – It’s Finally Here!

Vintage Storehouse Chalk Based Paint Announcement

I’m so excited! After months of picking our colors, testing out paint samples and working with paint distributors, we finally were able to create our own line of Chalk Based Paint. Basically we took the technology of our chalk based paint and put it into our favorite paint recipe to create 12 custom, hand picked colors just for you! [Read more…]

Meet Wendy – Cotton and French Cobblestone Cedar Chest

Meet Wendy - Cotton and French Cobblestone Restored Cedar Chest

I love the color Cotton from our new line of Chalk Based Paint coming June 2015. It’s a beautiful grayish white that looks beautiful on pretty much everything (at least in my opinion – I’m not biased at all though). It reminds me of old painted brick walls in Europe. So when one of my friends asked if we could restore a beautiful cedar chest for her mom in this color for mothers day, I was really excited to get started!

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How to Apply Antiquing Powder using Wax {Tutorial}

How to Apply Antiquing Powders using Wax by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Last week I did a tutorial on how to apply Antiquing Powder using Wax and Mineral Spirits. That technique gives you ultimate control of how heavy your apply the product and is ideal for dark Antiquing Powders done over Light Paint or Natural Wood. Today, I wanted to show you how you can apply the powder with out Mineral Spirits by removing the excess powder with additional wax. This is more ideal for light colors of Antiquing Powder where the look is more subtle or you want a more dramatic effect with darker colors.

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{Meet Elizabeth} Cotton & Roasted Chestnut Restored Dresser

I’m so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth. She’s a real beauty. I actually love her so much, that I decided to keep her! This dresser actually was my very first attempt at leaving just the drawers natural wood (although I did put a stencil over them) and I must say, I like it very much. When I was originally deciding how to restore this dresser, I was extremely frustrated with the fact that the top was just too far beyond repair. The veneer was falling apart and it was too thin to sand down anyways. So I was really unsure if I would like the natural wood drawers without a natural wood top to balance it out!

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How to Apply A Stencil to Furniture {Tutorial}

How to Apply A Stencil to Furniture Video Tutorial by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Remember the post I did a few weeks ago about using a stencil to apply metallic powder to this gorgeous Nightingale Dresser? Well when I ordered that stencil from Royal Design Studio, they were having a sale where if you bought $$ of stencils you could get free shipping. I was already really close to the amount, so I decided to throw in another stencil to get the free shipping. I’m so happy that I did, because later on, when I was deciding how I wanted to restore this gorgeous dresser… [Read more…]