17 Creative Cane Furniture Revivals

17 Creative Cane Furniture Rivivals

I have a little treat for you all today! Last week I was approached by the awesome people at Hometalk to curate a fun collection of cane furniture revivals. (I added in a few fun decor items as well). If you haven’t checked out Hometalk yet, take a peek. It’s a community full of tips, tutorials and inspiration for your home! Love it.

I have a love affair with cane, and creating this collection just increased my desire to incorporate it more into my home. I had no idea you could do so many interesting things with cane.

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Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder

Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder | Now Vintage Storehouse Chalky Paint Powder - Easy way to Paint Furniture

Remember a few days ago when I said I had a new business venture to s with you? Well, here it is! It’s an all natural powder additive that turns any latex paint into beautiful Chalk Paint.
I’ve been making my own version of DIY Chalk Paint for years using Plaster of Paris, but I had no idea how dangerous it was. There are 2 main health concerns with Plaster of Paris. (In 2014 we changed the name of our blog and company products to from Blue Minerals to Vintage Storehouse. We now have an entire line of furniture restoration products on our website!)

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New Furniture in the White Cottage Shop

New Furniture in the Shop

Is anybody else freaking out that its finally warm again?

This last weekend reminded me of how great it is to refinish furniture when its warm versus when its cold. If you painting in cold weather, the paint takes forever to dry, which can cause runs and streaks… its just a pain!… But the warm weather just makes everything so much easier and more pleasant!… [Read more…]