Adventures in Chalk Paint Part 2

I finished my first piece using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax. Now, I am always going to be honest with you when it comes to products. I am not in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. There are pros of using the paint – but there are also benefits of using latex.

Benefits of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

Very smooth application.

Soft to the touch

Easy to sand – you can create very smooth surfaces very easy.

Easy clean up – the stuff is just like chalk, it sort of just fades off.

Sticks to anything – you can paint metal, wood, plastic… pretty much anything you want and this paint will stick.

Eliminates the stickiness of latex paint – Latex paint with polycrylic on top has a sticky quality to it. The Chalk paint feels super smooth. Its hard to describe the difference. You have to feel it.


Problems with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Price – $39 per quart is almost 3x the amount of the nice acrylic latex paint that I currently use. Even if you consider the cost of primer as many of the Annie Sloan advocates say – you’re still looking at at least double the cost of latex paint and primer. (We will discuss wax vs. polycrylic later in the post as well).

Coverage – I had a very difficult time covering the piece I was working with. It took 2 entire quarts to get the look I was going for – which was still somewhat antiqued. To get a completely even thick coverage I would have needed to use 3 quarts on one piece. Considering how much your spending on the paint I would expect it to at least cover as well as latex paint. For a piece this large I would have used approx. 1 quart of latex paint, maybe 1  1/2 quarts plus 1/2 of primer.


In conclusion – I love the paint. Its great if your just doing one small piece it might be worth it. But I found another solution. You can actually create your own chalk paint! Here is the recipe I used to create my own chalk paint:

Chalk Paint Recipe

1 part Plaster of Paris

3 parts paint


Put the plaster of paris in a mixing container. Add water and mix until it is smooth like pancake batter. Make sure to get rid of all the lumps before adding the paint. Stir in the paint and mix. I find the best way to get it completed mixed is to put the lid on and shake it for about 2 minutes. Helpful tip: the Plaster of Paris adds a little bit of white to the color, so your paint will look just a tiny bit lighter than you expected when you are done. I haven’t tried this with dark colors yet – but I am planning to paint a dresser dark blue in the near future and I am going to try this recipe out. I love it – the container of plaster of Paris that I purchased was $5 at Jones Paint and Glass. The paint that I use – Benin Moore Regal Select was 48.00 for the gallon. Overall its a much better price than the Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Diane at In My Own Style did an experiment with 2 different types of chalk paint recipes and Annie Sloan Paint and shows the difference on a piece of crown molding. You can check that out here. I also did my own experiment because I had to see for myself. I liked the smoothness of the Plaster of Paris recipe the most, so that is what I will be using in the future.

The products I used for my experiment in different Chalk paints compared to latex paint.


Wax – Is it Tough Enough?

I think the biggest question with wax is whether or not its going to be as tough as polycrylic. In my opinion, the Annie Sloan wax does an amazing job. It is just as resistant as polycrylic and the finish is much easier to control. You can get an almost matte finish by not buffing the wax at all. Or you can get a pretty good shine by buffing it a lot. As i stated in Adventures in Chalk Paint Part 1 – I wanted a top coat with a little bit more control. This wax totally provides that control. I haven’t been able to try any other brands of chalk paint due to the fact that I cannot find any clear wax in any of the home improvements stores near me. Check out Perfectly Imperfects video on how to wax furniture to see the best technique for applying the wax. She does a good job at discussing the various issues some come across and how to get the best finish.








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The Graphics Fairy Sparks an Idea….

So… I’m not exactly sure how or when, but I have to do this project. I saw this when scrolling through pictures looking for inspiration and I just fell in love. Take a peek at the Graphics Fairy site. She has tons and tons of graphics that you can print out and apply to your projects. The most common projects I’ve seen them used on are for furniture. But I saw a great tutorial on how to use these on fabric too.

Here is a cute photo that I saw using one of her graphics. So cute. I just recently bought a piece of furniture similar to this piece to refinish for my home and this is really tempting me to try out the graphics. Part of my problems is that I actually know what these say – so since this piece would go in a bathroom it would drive me nuts to do something like this graphic – because it doesn’t have anything to do with bathrooms. 

… but look how beautiful it looks on this piece…

She has a tutorial that shows you how to transfer her graphics onto furniture as well. For that page click here.




Another awesome tutorial that I want to try out was done by the Polka Dot Closet. She used these french labels to create awesome one of a kind bottles. Check it out. 


For now, I will just have to keep wandering through her site until I find something I can put on my bathroom stand. I really like the graphic above, so I might just have to settle with that one even though it has nothing to do with bathrooms. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get around to doing it!




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Adventuring Into the World of Annie Sloan

So in my never-ending quest for amazing finishes, I started looking into alternatives to using Polycrylic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love poly, but I wanted to be able to control the shine of the furniture a little bit more. More specifically, I wanted to be able to create duller finishes on furniture, and since poly comes in pretty much gloss, high gloss and semi-gloss… it was not going to al me to get the look I was going for.

As I ventured out into the world of finishing products I was bombarded with hundreds of different techniques and reviews/suggestions for products from Varathane to lacquer. Most of these solutions were coming up short from the polycrylic. As this is a business, I couldn’t use anything that was going to take days and days to dry.. I don’t have the . Also I paint a lot of white furniture – products like Varathane and varnish can leave a yel tint on the furniture. So I eventually came to furniture wax. Seemed perfect – but there are some complaints about it being too soft. I need something that it going to make my furniture last for a very long time through a lot of wear and tear. In comes Annie Sloan furniture wax.


Now this wax potentially could fix two issues for me (hopefully). One it will provide the same level of protection as polycrylic… and two it might be a solution to my glazing issues. (I hate glazing with traditional glaze) Annie Sloan offers a clear wax and a dark wax. You can use the two in combination to create an antique finish similar to glazing – but in my opinion far superior – without the huge mess that glazing creates.

I went down to the Painted Daisy, who is an Annie Sloan retailer in Highland, UT (coming soon to Pleasant Grove) and spoke with one of the store clerks about how the product works. I wasn’t as interested in how it works as just seeing real life examples of this stuff – and wow did it b my mind. I went down there to get just the clear wax to give it a try to I ended up purchasing the clear wax, dark wax, a can of chalk paint, wax brush and cheese cloth. They had a few tables in the store that had been refinished by their Annie Sloan representative Sherri, and the finish was hard as rock. I was actually attempting to scrape off the paint and it wouldn’t come off. (Mind you I was not scraping it off as hard as I could – but just a light scrape to see how fragile it would be) I was sold when I saw her furniture – and because of it I purchased a can of the very expensive Annie Sloan paint as well ($38.00 for 1 pint). All the reviews I have read say that it should last through a few pieces – so if that’s true it will be worth it as the paint requires no priming.

So I have started my project today with the Annie Sloan paint. I will keep you posted on what I think.




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DIY Reupholstery Resources

Reupholstering furniture can be a daunting task for some DIYers. I was looking for a good folding technique

when I came across a video by DIY Upholstery Supply. They have 2 very informative videos that can help you jump in if you have been wanting to upgrade your chairs, but just don’t feel like you have the supplies.

Link: DIY Upholstery Supply; How to Upholster Dining Seat, Chapter 1 

Additional Tips:

  • They sell upholstery supplies on their website... I’ve checked it out, its great fabric, great tools and at awesome prices! But because I know many of you are trying not to break the piggy bank when you reupholster your own chairs, – don’t bother buying the upholstery staple gun they recommend if your just doing one project. It’s not worth your time. Just stop by your local hardware store and purchase a regular old staple gun and a few short staples. These will get the job done, it will look amazing and you won’t spend even 1/4 of what you would spend on their tools.
  •  Also I have found that a regular old staple remover works pretty well for most staples. But the good news is – you don’t need to remove the fabric of the old chair… I recommend it, but I have seen beautiful reupholster jobs where they did not go through that additional work.
  • If you are a local in Utah – stop by the Home Fabric store. They have a clearance section in the back with rolls of fabric for anywhere from $2 per yard to $5 per yard. Even their regular priced items are around $9 per yard. Great deal! (DIY Upholstery Supply also has awesome deals for those who don’t live in Utah).
  • One last tip – if you plan to do white fabric as I did in my Rustic Table – make sure to get some type of thick upholstery fabric to line it. Nothing looks worse than when you have a white fabric and you can see a little bit of the yel foam underneath seeping through. You can easily get this fabric on the clearance at the Home Fabric store for around $3 per yard and its worth it when you’re doing white.






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Halloween Pumpkin Inspiration/Tutorial

I love decorating for fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves start to change, the weather cools down, you’re all excited about winter (until about 2 minutes after it starts snowing). So I decided to jump on Pinterest and start playing to see some other crafters fall decoration ideas. I was so excited when I found a picture of a pumpkin with lace all around it. It just shouted out to me – make me! make me!. Now the post I found on Pinterest was just a picture – no information on how the pumpkin was made, so I played around a little bit with some household items and… voila! It worked. I thought I would show you what I made, as well as write a tutorial on how to do it too…

There are three pumpkins in the photo be. I bought two separate pumpkins from Walmart (large: $5.00, medium: $1.00) and I bought a box full of fall decor for $5.00 from Walmart that included the smaller pumpkin, the pine cones and the fers. I will show you how I transformed each one step by step.

Large Lace Pumpkin

Things you will need:

  • Large Plastic Pumpkin
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Orange Wire Ribbon (also from Walmart: $1.00)
  • Old Lace Stocking/Leggings (I had these old stockings lying around my house that were too small)
  • Fishing line/ clear elastic
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Paint your pumpkin white. I didn’t bother painting the bottom as no one will see it, but if you can if you want to. I had to do 2 coats on this pumpkin cover the entire thing. 


Step 2:

Once your pumpkin is completely dry, you can start shoving that big thing through your stocking.  I pushed my down as far as I could before I started to feel like I would rip the stocking. I wanted to make sure that it was completely in one leg of the stocking as I want to use my stocking for another project I will be posting about later.


Step 3:

Once you’ve pushed your pumpkin all the way down the stocking, tie a not on the bottom of the pumpkin. This will keep it in place. Then cut the end off of the stocking on the side you tied a knot on. Lastly cut the remaining stocking/lace fabric off the top of the pumpkin. Try to leave yourself enough room that you can gather it easily around the stump of the pumpkin.

Step 4:

I left the knot on the bottom of my pumpkin. It ended up being small enough that the pumpkin doesn’t really sit funny on my table. If you feel that your knot is too big, you can take fishing line or regular black string and sew together that end. On the top of the pumpkin I took a clear hair elastic and tied it around the stump with the fabric in it to hold it in place. You can sew that end as well if you prefer, but as we are tying a bow around the top, no one can see the elastic either way.


Step 5:

Tie the bow around the top of the pumpkin. I like the wire ribbon as it stays in shape better and als you to create a bigger bow.



Medium Monogram Pumpkin

Things you will need:

  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Extra Fine Small Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Silver Glitter
  • Paper Plate

Step 1:

This pumpkin was easily the hardest out of all 3 pumpkins as it was the most technical. First paint the pumpkin white just like the large pumpkin.

Step 2:

Once the pumpkin is completely dry, take your pencil and sketch the letter for the monogram you want to use. I personally just found a picture online of the letter M in fancy font and copied that on to my pumpkin by hand. You can go through the work of printing out a stencil, but I find this really isn’t that difficult.

Step 3:

Once you’ve sketched your monogram onto your pumpkin, take your black and white acrylic paint and mix them to make gray. I accidentally forgot this step and just used black paint, which is fine. But it would look so much better with gray paint under the silver glitter. You need a very fine paint brush for this part. I painted just a section of the m and then continued on to step 4, just to make sure I had enough time to attach the glitter before the paint dries, but you can do it all at once if you are quick enough.


Step 4:

Sprinkle the silver glitter over the parts of the pumpkin you just painted. Your paint should still be wet at this point, that way the glitter sticks to the monogram, and none of the other parts of the pumpkin. Make sure to put your pumpkin on the paper plate first, that way you can really pile on the glitter – which will just fall onto the plate and then you can put the extra back into the jar.

Step 5:

Once your monogram is completely covered in glitter – let it dry. You can go back over the white sections if you find that your lines aren’t as clean as you would like as I did.

Small Black Sparkly Pumpkin

Things you will need:

  • Small Pumpkin
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Black Glitter
  • Paper Plate
  • Paint Brush

Step 1:

This pumpkin was by far the easiest. First step is to paint the pumpkin completely black (excluding the stem of course). I only needed one coat with the black paint.

Step 2:

Before you let the pumpkin dry, put it on a paper plate and dump on the Black Glitter just like we did on the monogram pumpkin.

Step 3:

Shake off all the extra glitter and let dry.

Once everything is dry you can arrange your pumpkins however you like. Hopefully, this post gives you inspiration for your next project!







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Knobs Anyone?!?

So… I just refinished a few pieces of furniture that had some “unacceptable” hardware on them. Please see the before and after photos for the Rustic Armoire and Black Kitchen Hutch. The Rustic Armoire had wood knobs – not my favorite. The other had the old-fashioned gold, floral, rusting hinges and pulls… again not my style, so I set out in search of some cleaner, more modern hardware. In comes Classic Door Hardware. It’s an eBay store with awesome deals on hardware for your home. I bought a total of 20 knobs, hinges and pulls from this store. There were about $1.10 a piece, plus a flat $5.98 for shipping and handling. Compared to the $2.50-$3.00 per knob I was going to pay for virtually the same knobs at Home Depot, these babies were  a steal!

Not only was the price awesome… but the product and experience were fantastic as well. I placed my late Sunday night, and by Monday it had shipped. I received the package on Thursday and I am very impressed. Every knob was in perfect condition. The hinges even came with the pads to al the doors to close quietly. Surprise! Take a look at how awesome these hinges really are.

If you are looking for new hardware for your furniture or cabinets, check them out. I swear I don’t get paid for saying this. I’m even considering adding knobs to my cabinets just because its such a great deal!


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New Furniture in the White Pearl Shop

Hey guys,  just wanted to check in and let you all know there are some new pieces in the White Pearl Shop. Also this week I will be adding a few more, and doing some tutorials on some crafts I have completed that I’ve been getting some questions about.


You can see the new finished pieces by going to the White Pearl Shop

You can see the new available for refinishing pieces by going here.


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Wallpaper Drawer Liners

I have been procrastinating on this post for a while now because I cannot find the picture that I took that shows what the inside of the drawers looked like before I ripped out the nasty dark brown felt that was in there before. As a side note – if you are every planning to rip felt liners out of a drawer prepare for a long process if they are glued down. These babies took me a full 8 hour day to get completely removed. You might be able to remove the felt with wallpaper remover easier than what I used… water and a sponge. If you find something that works – let me know!


Back to business – So I have no pictures for you to gawk at with me, but I do have pictures of how great it looks now! Take a gander…


I love the way this turned out. The barely noticeable damask design was perfect for what I was looking for. I ordered the wallpaper from Lowe’s. They have an awesome part of their store where you can just look through wallpaper books. I was actually bummed to find out the my local Home Depot no longer carries any wallpaper books. But the wallpaper at Lowe’s was 30% off and they ship it directly to your house. It cost me about $6.00 to wallpaper all drawers and the back of the White Hutch I bought this for. I did have to buy approx 55 sq feet of this stuff – but I’m sure I will find other uses around the house.

The wallpaper comes pre-glued. All you have to do is cut the paper to size, soak it in water for approx. 15 seconds and unroll it on to the desire surface. This was incredibly easy. I used a wet towel to smooth out the paper and I used my putty knife that I use to fill in scratches on the furniture to make sure all the bubbles were out. Then I let it dry for a few hours. After I glued on my paper, the drawers looked like this.



I liked the way they looked, but one thing was still bugging me – the edges of the paper weren’t perfectly straight. I wanted the drawers to look more seamless. In comes the new love of my decorating life. White Caulk. Since buying this small tube of caulking I have found a million uses for it.


I lined the drawers with the caulk. Took my finger along the cracks to smooth it out and quickly took a damp rag and wiped off all the excess. It made a huge difference in the final look of the drawer. If you need some more convincing take a look at the finished picture again.









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Update: White Pearl Designs is now offering Custom Refinishing!

Hey y’all. So I’ve been doing a lot of furniture refinishing lately… and I mean a lot… and because I love it so much, I decided to offer custom refinishing. Visit my Custom Refinishing page in the Furniture Boutique to see my portfolio. You can also check out the Available for Refinishing page to see some of the pieces I have picked up that I plan to refinish but have not gotten to yet. All of these pieces can be refinished in your desired color and finish. As always, contact me if you have questions!









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