Photo Challenge #3 – Master the Triangle

Photography Challenge - Mastering the triangle by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Hi Ya’ll. How was your weekend? I made a quick trip this Saturday up to Cascade Springs here in Utah to practice the second and third lessons in the Photo Challenge Series. It was really fun, cascade springs is a good place to practice using shutter speed to blur motion. It also has lots of flowers and things to work on aperture with. Today’s lesson is about mastering the triangle. [Read more…]

Writing Inspiration #3: I Like Animals

Vintage Storehouse Writing Prompt: I like animals - Jack Russell Terrier Dog

I have always loved animals. Not liked, but LOVED. I have a sweet spot for dogs, but I honestly believe that every creature on earth is special in it’s own way.

Growing up I always had pets. Whether it be dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, or ferrets, there was always something and I loved spending time with all of them. As I got older I gained an even greater appreciation for life and the lives of animals. My parents divorced when I was a teenager and of course I immediately asked my dad for a puppy. He had a hard time saying no to me before the divorce, so how was he going to say no to me now.  [Read more…]

Knitting Charts Master Key

It’s finally here. I know a few of you have been confused with the charts on our last 31 Days of Knitting Series because I had completely forgotten to get the master key up! This time, I’m prepared. We have a new 31 Days of Knitting Series starting August 1st, and I wanted to make sure to have the charts and keys ready before we started.

[Read more…]

Writing Inspiration #2: If I Could Live Anywhere In The World

Vintage Storehouse & Co. Writing Prompt #3: If I could live anywhere in the world

In a small town, on the outskirts of a small city, there’s a house. This house sit’s in between a bus stop and a mountain side on a large plot of land that’s been passed down from generation to generation for decades. This house is an old manor with tall white pillars lining the yellow front door. Inside is a woman and her family.  [Read more…]

Nail Art Inspiration – Yellow Lace

Nail Stamp Design by Vintage Storehouse & Co. | Yellow & White Lace using Born Pretty Store Lace Plate and MoYou London Frenchy Plate

I have a love affair with nails. I have always loved painting my nails, but I recently discovered the art of Nail Stamping and my passion was reignited. For those of you who have never heard of this Nail Stamping thing, I’ll give you a short explanation… Basically you paint your nails as normal (you can use gel, acrylic, or regular polish), but before you put on your top coat, you can stamp a design onto them (picture scrapbook stamping – but slightly different). You use these engraved plates with the design on them, put a small amount of polish over the design and scrape off the excess. Then you use a rubber “stamp” to pick up the remaining polish and transfer it to your fingernail. Then you put a top coat over it and your done. [Read more…]

Meet Jolie – Candlelight & White Cashmere Headboard

Candlelight & White Cashmere Headboard before & after | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Todays project was a requested piece by a friend of mine. She’s had this black headboard for years and was really ready for something more bright and fun. There is something I just really love about bright yellow headboards. They can make any room just come alive. So I was really excited when she wanted to paint this piece in VS Chalk Based Paint in Candlelight.  [Read more…]