Day 1: How to Knit the Rippled Diamonds Stitch {31 Days of Knitting}

How to Knit the Rippled Diamonds Stitch on the Loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Woo hoo! Are you excited? I sure am! Today is the beginning of our August 31 Days of Knitting Series. Basically every 6 months I do a 31 Days of Knitting Challenge where I bring to you tutorial videos, stitch instructions and charts on 31 new stitches for the loom. This is the second series that we’ve done and I can’t tell you how much fun it is to discover new stitches, experiment with new techniques and then get to share it all with you!

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Friday Favorites – The Summery Umbrella

DIY Ladder Light by The Summery Umbrella

Can you believe July is almost over? This last month I’ve spent almost every day getting ready for Augusts 31 Days of Knitting Series, and I feel like the entire month has just slipped right through my fingers. But, I’m very happy to say that I am completely done with filming, and now I’m just working on editing the videos and writing the posts.

For this weeks Friday Favorites Blogger I chose The Summery Umbrella.  Her blog is full of cute and simple rustic decor and organization ideas.  [Read more…]

Writing Inspiration #5: My Strongest Memory (The Pickle That Almost Ruined My Marriage)

Vintage Storehouse & Co. Writing Prompt: My Strongest Memory

I was traumatized. My heart was beating out of my chest, sweat dripping off my face. I wanted to move, but I just couldn’t convince my body to do what my brain was asking of it.

Outside the car stood a man. The man was quiet, but his face showed his anger. It was boiling inside him like hot lava ready to burst out of a volcano.

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Meet Aimee – Candlelight Antique Side Table

Meet Aimee - Candlelight Yellow Side Table by Vintage Storehouse & Co.

This table was so cute I just couldn’t pass it up. I had been looking for a small Duncan Phyfe Table for a long time. When I found Aimee, she was pretty beat up. The top had a leather inlay that was beyond repair. I decided to remove the leather and just paint the wood underneath. I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to put some wallpaper there – which I still think would be cute, but ultimately simplicity won.  [Read more…]

Friday Favorites – Love Grows Wild

Love Grows Wild Office Hutch Makeover

It’s finally Friday! I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted! We’re going down to Panguitch this weekend for a camp trip and I can’t tell you how excited I am to go! Oh! Happy Pioneer Day! Do other states celebrate the day they became a state too? I’ve talked to some other friends about it and they say it’s not the same as Utah’s Celebration. I’d love to know how they celebrate it in your state!

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How to White Wash Furniture using Antiquing Powder {Video Tutorial}

How to White Wash Furniture using VS Antiquing Powder in White Cashmere

Using VS Antiquing Powder to white wash your painted projects isn’t much different than applying any other color of antiquing powder, but it does give a dramatic effect. You can use any of the lighter colors to white wash, but White Cashmere is the most common color.

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