New Furniture in the White Cottage Shop

Is anybody else freaking out that its finally warm again?

This last weekend reminded me of how great it is to refinish furniture when its warm versus when its cold. If you painting in cold weather, the paint takes forever to dry, which can cause runs and streaks… its just a pain!… But the warm weather just makes everything so much easier and more pleasant!…

Anyways, I finally am starting to get some more furniture in the shop. And, not just any old furniture, but the most modern living room furniture available. I’m taking the idea of a living room, and the furniture you’d fine, and taking it outdoors. Call me wild, but take a gander and see for yourself!..

Gorgeous Carved White Dining Set Restored by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #Glaze #PaintedFurniture
I absolutely love this set. I know I say this about a lot of my furniture, but this one really is unique! I would be selling my current dining room set if it matched my house.. but unfortunately,  I have light walls, light floors and a few pieces of white furniture already in that room, so I think adding another white table would be a little bit much.

Gorgeous Carved White Dining Set Restored by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #Glaze #PaintedFurniture

This table has the most gorgeous inlaid top I’ve ever worked on. It goes all the way around the outside… oh and have I told you how much I love tables that curve around the  ends. It’s so classic.

Gorgeous Carved White Dining Set Restored by Vintage Storehouse & Co. #Glaze #PaintedFurniture

I’ve also been on a little bit of a glazing craze lately. I don’t always glaze furniture. More often than not I actually don’t unless the piece has some amazing carvings that I want to highlight, or I want it to look a little aged… like this desk I just finished

I saw another roll top desk where they had left the inside stained and only painted the outside white and I thought it was so beautiful that I just had to try it. I also found these awesome drawer pulls and knobs online through amazon.  They are one of my new favorite sellers of cabinet hardware. I liked the way these turned out so much that I am considering replacing some of my furniture with these knobs. They were a great deal too!

Vintage Roll Top Desk gets a makeover - Vintage Storehouse & Co. #PaintedFurniture
Anyways… I have been working on expanding my how to section of this site to help those who are trying to paint their own furniture, so I have a bunch of tutorials that I will be adding in the next few days!

Hope you enjoy them.

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