Knitting Charts Master Key

It’s finally here. I know a few of you have been confused with the charts on our last 31 Days of Knitting Series because I had completely forgotten to get the master key up! This time, I’m prepared. We have a new 31 Days of Knitting Series starting August 1st, and I wanted to make sure to have the charts and keys ready before we started.

All of the charts have a key next to them, but if you want a master chart key you can use the chart below. Also, you can use this chart if you are converting your own patterns from regular knitting patterns like we showed in our tutorial earlier this year! I’ve changed the symbols slightly in the last few months, and I think these are easier to read and write as you convert your patterns.

Master Key for Vintage Storehouse & Co. Loom Knitting Charts


I hope this helps ya’ll in your conversions! If you’re looking for the conversion chart, you can find it here!

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  • Raelyn

    I can’t wait for the new series to start! I’m so, excited!

  • Kathy Bouras

    Oh am I stoked to see what you have in this series your March series was FANTASTIC

  • Linda solero

    You are a genius. So grateful for your hard work. Thank you! I have the same problem holding yarn knitting with 2 needles, but I figured out that if I just hold working yarn in my right hand with 3 fingers to wrap around stitches (like when you add a pinch of salt) I have perfect control of tension.