Introducing Candlelight – VS Chalk Based Paint Demo

I’m just so happy about our new line of Chalk Based Paint. I’ve gotten to work with the paint over the last few weeks and have really enjoyed working with it so far. Each month I will demonstrate a few ways you can work with a highlighted color for each month. This month I chose the color Candlelight

Vintage Storehouse Chalk Based Paint in Candlelight


Candlelight is a creamy yellow color that has a slightly mustard undertone. It’s really fun to work with and pair up with other colors in the collection! I painted some baseboards in my favorite combinations of Candlelight, Antiquing Powder and Metallic Powders to give you an idea of what the color looks like with different effects. My personal favorites are Roasted Chestnut, White Cashmere and Silver Fox.

Vintage Storehouse Chalk Based Paint in the Color Candlelight Color Samples


The Candlelight color combos are: (from top left to bottom right)

Normally I feel like the Hemp Seed Oil makes the color slightly darker, but that didn’t happen with this color. I recently restored a headboard with this color and White Cashmere, and I can’t wait to show it to you all. I’ve been working on editing the photos all morning!

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