Featured on Crate & Canopy {Q&A}

If you haven’t had a second to check out Crate & Canopy, then by all means – you should! They have beautiful bedding that is really reasonably priced. They recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a Q&A with them about Vintage Storehouse & Co and how I got started. My response; OF COURSE!

If you want to read the whole Q&A with Crate & Canopy, you can check it out here.

I do want to mention one thing that I am super excited about with Crate & Canopy. A while ago, I purchased a Pottery Barn Duvet Cover and it was freakin’ expensive. I think I paid close to $200 for it (to my husbands dismay 🙁 ) Crate & Canopy has the exact same set for a lot less. It’s closer to $140 for a King Size. It’s called the Mirabel. Oh Mirabel, how much I love thee! 6 6 8 5s 6 13 13s 13 5s 12 8 air 4 4 13s 12 12 5 4 12 8 13 5

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