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First of all I just want to say Thank You! for taking the time to consider advertising with the Vintage Storehouse.

I started the Vintage Storehouse a few years ago to s my passion for decorating and painting furniture. Since then, what started as a personal blog about my adventures in DIY, this blog has grown into a professional blog and furniture restoration business!

Here at the Vintage Storehouse, we s our passion for Vintage Farmhouse Decor, Loom Knitting, Crafts, Photography, DIY Projects & Furniture through;

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Refinished Furniture

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Loom Knitting Stitchionary Series


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The Vintage Storehouse not only has a loyal group of Pinterest, Facebook and Blog folers, we also have a growing community of VSR Product Advocates and folers. We constantly strive to grow and inspire the Vintage Storehouse Community.

Please select one or more of the advertising options be to upload your ad. Please upload either a .png or .jpeg image that has been sized to the correct proportions for your ad. If you need help, you can always contact me!

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