About Me

Well Hello There…

Come and sit down won’t you?

About me?! Well, creating a beautiful home is my passion. I believe your home should be your sanctuary. A beautiful home doesn’t mean expensive, clean or magazine perfect…. it means happy. It should be your place to escape the world.

My life is a mess, and I love it. Between 3 family businesses, transforming a builder grade home into my personal sanctuary and making sure we still have time to enjoy life… little things like cleaning and laundry tend to fall through the cracks (I will always avoid laundry like the plague), and that’s what makes life messy.

But to me, it’s perfect!

Life should be messy. (Literally and figuratively) If everything in life were picture perfect… that would just make it boring! Plus, we’d spend every day so stressed out that we would never get to s down and really enjoy the moments. Life is about the journey, right? If (heaven forbid) you got into an accident tomorrow and ended up on your death bed, do you really think you’d be sitting there thinking “Man, I really wish I had vacuumed yesterday?”

I hope this site not only helps you learn how to create the things that you want, but provides you with inspiration to live your life the way you want to! And also to create your own sanctuary in your home.

Facts About Me That You Probably Never Wanted to Know…

I don’t like most sweets – Only chocolate chip cookies & brownies (but only if they’ve just come out of the oven).

My favorite colors are white and turquoise

I love being outside

I play the piano

I’m learning to play the guitar

I hate shopping – unless its for furniture

I am a graduate of the University of Utah in Psychology and Economics -at one point I did work in the finance profession.

I love oil paints and painting portraits

I love rainy days – they make me happy

I have 2 Jack Russel Terriors that I adore

I have been married since 2010, but have been in love with my husband for almost 10 years.

I’m terrified of spiders – but I can’t kill them because it makes me feel guilty, so I just leave the room if I find one. Sometimes one spider will torment me for days.

I’m the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet – Seriously I eat like a 5 year old! (Acutally, your 5 year old probably eats a better variety of foods than I do.)

I hate the color orange – but its my husbands favorite color

I’m terrified of the ocean… not water. Lakes I’m okay with.

My cat has a love – hate relationship with everyone – she constantly annoys them to pet her, but she will hiss the entire time. I will never understand it.

I think anyone is capable of anything if they put their mind to it

My husband wakes up at 3 a.m. every morning to do a “perimeter check”

I love playing pranks on my husband when he is sleeping – but I get mad when he does it back.

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